Last season I went snowboarding with a variety of different vapes and picked my 5 favorite weed vapes to take snowboarding. This season I’ve been snowboarding almost exclusively with my Mighty vaporizer. Naturally, I’m always looking for ways to improve the experience. I decided my trip to Mammoth would be the perfect place to test the convenience and effectiveness of the Storz & Bickel dosing capsules.

Loading A Vape During A “Safety Meeting”

A “safety meeting” is code for getting high during work. It’s also a fairly common term said on the slopes indicating it’s time to pull off the trail and get a little high.

Imagine you’re sitting off a main run, surrounded by trees to protect you from the wind. You take off your gloves and blow into your cupped hands to get some feeling back into your numb digits. You pull out your grinder and it’s ice fucking cold. Sound all too familiar?

Loading the dosing capsules

Now imagine you’re sitting in a motel 6, sipping on a hot cocoa, with a Star Wars marathon playing in the background. You get your grinder, a loading funnel, and you can take your sweet ass time loading all 8 dosing capsules.

It was far more comfortable and convenient to load the dosing capsules in my room as apposed to loading the Mighty in the middle of a forest while literally freezing my ass off.

Vaping With Dosing Capsules

Vaping using the dosing capsules didn’t seem to alter the taste. They did however greatly enhance the experience by making loading new bowls very convenient. I tested the vape down the following runs: Cayon Lodge, Stump Alley Express, Gold Rush, Wall Street, and Road Runner.

Cons of Using Mighty Dosing Capsules

They get HOT! – If you try to unload the capsule after vaping a bowl, you can burn your fingers. However, don’t wait too long before trying to get them out, or you run the risk of getting it stuck inside the bowl.

Tracking vaped vs unvaped capsules – The capsules come in an 8 capsule magazine. If you’re emptying the ABV after each capsule is used, keeping track of new vs used capsules is not a problem. If you’re trying to save the ABV up, things can get a little tricky. I came up with an easy to follow system where I flip the capsules once they had been used.

Removing ABV – Removing the ABV was kind of a hassle on the mountain, so I opted to just wait until I got back to the cabin and could use some rubbing alcohol to clean both the capsules and the Mighty.

How to Remove Stuck Dosing Capsules From Mighty (Hard Way)

I took the tweezers out of my EDC Stoner kit and while I’m sure there’s a more gingerly way of removing these capsules, I was pretty anxious to get back on the slopes. I pressed the tweezer into the holes of the capsule and started twisting until the top half popped off. Did the same for the bottom half of the capsule and was able to get it out fairly quickly.

Removing Stuck Dosing Capsules From Mighty Vape (Easy Way)

An easier way to remove the capsule would have been to simply reheat the bowl and allow that bad boy to slip right out.

Are Mighty Dosing Capsules Worth It?

Although there were some minor downsides, I didn’t notice any negative impact on taste or performance. The Storz & Bickel dosing capsules are tremendously convenient and a solid upgrade and cost less than the price of a beer on the slopes.

Where Do They Sell Mighty Dosing Capsules?

Puffitup – $10.90

Planet of The Vapes – $10.90