Where to buy bulk Mighty / Crafty Screens and O-rings

If you’re a daily user, the replacement parts for the Mighty and Crafty can become a tiresome expense. It’s not that they’re overly expensive at $5 for 3 sets… but if you’re blowing seals every 2 months, that’s $10/year. And chances are you’re only needing to replace the small one and not the bigger ones – money wasted.

Same story with the screens.

Fuck that noise, buy from an industrial supply store.

The tiny O-ring you need for the Mighty and the Crafty can be found at McMaster-Carr. Their site is kinda funky, so if that link doesn’t work – the part number you need is 9396K16.

The screens are also available on McMaster-Carr. The part number for the finer mesh screen is 9317T64 – it’s 5/8″ (you need to paste the part number and then select the size on the left, weird site)

If you prefer the more open/coarse screen (like the cooling unit comes with), the part number is 9317T63

The other Crafty O-rings are:

The larger Mighty O-rings are: