Omicron w9I picked up the Omicron last summer when I needed something to compare to the Vivant Dabox and the Humboldt Sionara. It’s a wax pen style of vaporizer, but what makes it unique is the separable atomizer and battery. The Omicron is sold as a single vaporizer, but it is really two separate products – the KISS Alpha Centauri wax atomizer, and the Omicron 510 battery. Lately I have been using my Puffco Proxy more often but the omicron still works to this day.

The Omicron battery is 510 threaded and has 5 different wattages. Each power level is indicated by the LED color. White = 6w. Yellow = 9w. Pink = 13w. Green = 16w. Blue = 19w.
You can cycle through the wattages by double-tapping the control button. Five clicks turn the battery off and on.
The Omicron battery is available in 3 different sizes.

The KISS Alpha Centauri atomizer threads onto the Omicron battery and comes with a glass dome and black metal dome. The coils are grade 2 titanium wire wrapped around black ceramic. The coils function perfectly for big dabs and small. The coils are easily cleaned or replaced.

The Omicron with the KISS is a great little pocket dabbing device. It’s not a HUGE hitter and it’s not a flavor chaser – but it carries very well and is dead simple to use.

I LOVE that the Omicron battery can also power 510 cartomizers.