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Glossary of Cannabis Vaporizer Terminology

ABV – (Already Been Vaporized) cannabis that has been vaporized.

cannabis – Tall plant with divided serated leaves, and buds containing fine hairs. Throughout history cannabis has been found everywhere from the tombes of Egyptian Pharoes to the pipe of Shakespear.

chronic – The Chronic

combustion – the act of burning something

conduction – The transfer of energy through direct contact (frying pan on a fire)

convection – The process of heat being trasnfered through the air (Think oven)

cooling unit – A part on some vaporizers that cools down the heated vapor

dabs – marijuana concentrate typically extracted using beutaine. Forms include crumble and wax

dank – slang for high quality or good

endo – the bottom tips of the cannabis plant (accumulates the most thc crystal and resin when hanging to dry)

flower – another word for cannabis buds

hash/hashish – resin collected and turned into a tar like substance. Humanity has enjoyed Hash has for thousands of years. It stands currently illegal in most states.

heating chamber – a

hemp – byproduct created from cannabis stock. Fun fact, hemp was a major commodity in the early days of the United States. Our constitution was written on hemp paper.

herb – another word for cannabis

keef – the crystal that’s gotten knocked off cannabis buds

marijuana – everyone knew and grew up with cannabis, in order for the senate to successfully usher cannabis prohibition they created a new drug called marijuana and banned it before the public realized it was refering to cannabis.

Mary Jane/mj – slang for marijuana/cannabis

mmj – stands for medical marijuana

mouth piece – the part of the vaporizer that


oven – the section of the vaporizer one loads up with cannabis

pass through charging

pull – to inhale from a vaporizer

pull resistance – how much resistance each hit has

rip – to inhale from a vaporizer

roach – the final parts of the joint

screen – a thin porous sheet of metal used to prevent cannabis from entering a component, without disturbing airflow.

sip – a slow and steady hit out of a vaporizer

spliff – a joint mixed with tobacco

tetrahydrocannabinol/THC one of the key psychoactive components in cannabis

toke – a hit of cannabis

vaporize – to consume cannabis without combusting it

WPA – (water pipe attachment) used to allow vaporizers to attach to water pipes/bongs