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Pax 2 Review

The Pax 2 vaporizer is the successor of the most popular vaporizers: the original Pax! The Pax 2 took everything we loved about the original Pax and made it even better.

About the Pax 2 Cannabis Vaporizer

I’ve been using the Pax 2 as my daily vape for a year now. I absolutely love it. I picked mine up for $279 at Puffitup.com.pax-2-nature

With so many vaporizers on the market, the Pax 2 stands out from the pack by offering a slim, harmless looking device.  It’s easy to use and easy to carry.

Size/Weight – Pax continued to live up to their reputation of slim/sleek designs by reducing the size and weight of their Pax 2. (25% smaller than the original and 10% lighter)

Mouth Piece – The original Pax had a mouthpiece that had to be pressed down in order to turn on the device. The Pax 2 no longer has this moving piece. Instead the user just presses down on the top of the mouthpiece and this turns on the device.

The new and improved mouthpiece offers better hits than the original. The original Pax had a single airflow path. The new and improved mouthpiece has two airflow chambers to allow for more consistent airflow.

Another noteworthy improvement about the mouthpiece is: lip-sensing technology. This means whenever the user puts their lips to take a hit, the Pax 2 heats the oven to max heat as long as the lips are on the mouthpiece. This ensures you always get the best-hit possible, while conserving your “flower” as much as possible.


How to Use The Pax 2

Using the Pax 2 is very straightforward and easy to use:

Step 1: grind flower
Step 2: open the oven cover
Step 3: pack up to 0.4 of grinded flower into the oven.
Step 4: press the power button (on mouthpiece)
Step 5: wait until the X icon glows green
Step 6: enjoy 🙂

Pax 2 Temperature Settings

There are 4 temperature settings on the Pax 2 (low, medium, high, super high). I like to smoke once on the low setting, and again on the super high setting. If you’re concerned about saving the AVB for edibles or tinctures, you can vape your cannabis on the lowest setting for a couple sessions then save the contents for later use.pax-2-pool-oasis

We tested the oven temps of the four settings and found that the first setting vapes around 380. The medium setting is around 395. High is right at 420 – intentional? Probably 🙂 The highest setting pegged at 440, which is pretty damned hot!

To increase or decrease the temperature of the Pax 2 is very simple:
Step 1: Hold the power button

Step 2: Press the power button (up to 4 times)

Step 3: shake the unit to set the new temp

Pax 2 Review: Battery Life

The battery on the Pax 2 lasts 4x longer than it’s predecessor.

How long does the pax 2 battery last?It averages about 90 minutes of use before the battery dies.

How long does it keep a charge without use? The original Pax would die within 4 days of being left in a drawer. This problem is none-existent with the Pax 2. We have on several occasions left our Pax 2 in a drawer for a week with zero problems when it came time to have a smoke break.


Pros & Cons


  • Lighter and slimmer frame
  • Improved battery life
  • New Feature* lip-sensing technology
  • Improved mouthpiece
  • New Feature* battery life indicator
  • easy to clean. See our Pax 2 Cleaning Guide

Over the past year the Pax 2 has been the one vape I never left home without.


  • PricePrice tag on the Pax 2 makes it a tough pill to swallow. Although the price is on the higher side, you get more than your money’s worth. Those that vape everyday will appreciate the convenience, stealth, and reliance of this little machine.
  • One minor complaint I have is the shape of the oven. If you have big hands, only your pinky will fit when trying to pack the oven. (It’s not a big deal) I just use a pen to pack it.

You can pick up the Pax 2 from the manufacturer or from PuffItUp – BOTH offer free shipping.


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