Arizer Air Review

The Arizer Air has been on the market for a while, since November of 2014. Despite being a couple of years older, it’s still one of the more popular cannabis vaporizers on the market.

It’s an ultra-compact and lightweight device that utilizes a combination of convection and conduction – although it’s mostly conduction.

Titanium Arizer Air

The titanium Arizer Air stands at 6.9″ with the stem installed, and 4.8″ without.

What’s in the Box
– Arizer Air (warming unit as they call it)
– charger (plugs into the wall, plugs into vape – not a separate battery charger)
– 2 glass stems (one straight, one with plastic mouthpiece tip)
– 2 rubber caps (for stems)
– glass aroma dish
– carrying case with a belt holster
– silicon skin
– stainless steel stirring tool/pick

Build Quality & Design

The Arizer Air is a sexy unit. Standing 122mm tall (4.8″) and weighing 4.12oz, its smooth and seamless aluminum body feels silky and peach-like. A gentle twist of the lower end unscrews the battery cover. It was slightly resistant at first – but a quarter turn and it slips right off. The threads feel buttery smooth, precise, and high quality. The battery, flat top unprotected 18650, snugly fills the battery cavity. Everything is very precise and really well-engineered. It’s obvious that Arizer puts a lot of care into the look and feel of their product – it’s very Apple-like in ways.

The Glass Stems are nice and heavy. The glass is 1.4mm thick. The ‘bowl’ portion is segmented off by a glass screen. The screen has four 1.2mm holes, so you’ll need to use a medium or course grind. The bowl is 11.5mm in diameter and about 10mm deep. With a light pack it will hold about .15g. Packing them too full will really restrict the airflow.

Using the Arizer Air

The unit turns on by holding both up and down for 2 seconds. I think technically it’s a 3-button rocker switch, but it’s small (4.9mm x 13mm) and I have fat fingers.

Heat-up time is slow Patience is a must here, as the Arizer Air takes 1 minute 42 seconds to heat up to its highest setting, and about 1 minute 25 seconds to heat up to its lowest setting. It beeps when you turn it on, but it doesn’t do anything to notify you that it’s ready. 🙁 The lower blue light flashes when it’s heating and stays solid when the device is at the desired temperature.

It has 6 heat settings, which are indicated by the upper LED.
Level 1 (Blue) – 180°C / 356°F
Level 2 (White) – 190°C / 374°F
Level 3 (Green) – 200°C / 392°F
Level 4 (Orange) – 205°C / 401°F
Level 5 (Red) – 210°C / 410°F

I typically use White or green, or a combination of the two (depending on strain) – For stonier indicas, start with green, and finish in the red.

The Arizer Air shuts off after 10 minutes. I like this!

Vapor Quality

The Arizer Air puts out a high-quality vapor,  better than anything less than $100. At lower temps, the vapor is rich and pungent with terpenes. This is a great vape for actually tasting the differences in strains. At higher temps, and at the ends of most sessions, the vapor starts to get a little harsh and hot. It’s not too noticeable if the unit is being passed around, but if you’re flying solo you’re going to feel it.

– made of metal
– glass vapor path & mouthpiece
– small, stealthy, sexy, ergonomic design
– user-swappable battery
– efficient
– no learning curve
– heat up time
– carrying stems sucks
– long charge time

The battery is strong enough to put out about 5 sessions – although the 5th session is a gamble. That’s about 50 minutes of vaping time. The Air takes longer to heat up as the battery dies too. Using the wall charger takes about 2.5 hours to charge the battery. Here’s the cool thing. It’s a user-replaceable battery. Buy a good charger and another battery and you never have to deal with the slow charging battery. The Arizer Air can be used while charging, but the plug isn’t very comfortable.

I love that this vape is so easy. It’s easy to pack, easy to clean, and easy to use. There’s no learning curve required – just pack it, heat it up, and blow clouds.

I have issues with its ‘portability’ – I’m not a fan of carrying multiple pieces. I’d much rather have everything self-contained. However the included belt holster works great, and it has two side pockets for the stems.

The heat-up time is my biggest downer. It takes well over a minute, and there’s no vibe or beep to let me know it’s ready. I have ADHD – if I set that vape down I’m going to forget about it.

All in all, this is a great vaporizer. It’s perfect for both casual and moderate users. The Air is customizable. You can add wooden stems, silicon sleeves, and water pipe adapters.

The original price was $259, which is a lot.

Arizer Air FAQ

How big is the chamber?
The chamber or bowl on the Arizer Air is 992mm3

The Arizer Air bowl holds as little as .05g and as much as .25g

How much does the Arizer Air weigh?
With an empty stem and battery, the Arizer Air weighs 4.52oz.

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