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Boundless CFV Review

UPDATE: 1/9/2023- The Boundless CFV is no longer recommended and this content should be considered out-of-date. Please see my list of best portable vapes to find the most current reviews.

The CFV comfortably in my average sized man-hands
The CFV comfortably in my average-sized man-hands

Boundless launched their CFX and CF vaporizers earlier this year and completely raised the bar for the sub-$200 vape market. The CF and CFX offer KICKASS vapor with their hybrid convection/conduction heating system, giant ceramic bowl, and isolated air path. There aren’t many weed vapes in this price range that come close…

The CFV is a FULL CONVECTION vaporizer with an interchangeable chamber wall system. The different chamber walls, or rings, allow the user to customize their vaping experience. It retails for $220. This review will go over the build quality, vapor quality, ease of use, pros and cons, and comparisons with other similar vaporizers

Boundless CFV Review: Build Quality

The CFV is plastic, but it’s respectably durable. The finish has a nice satin-like finish and the texture is slightly grippy and pleasant. Everything fits together nicely. The buttons and their action are perfect – no rattle when shaken, firm clicky sound when pressed. The OLED screen is bright and functional without being flashy. I performed some light-duty drop tests for the sake of this review. The CFV survived 3 drops from 3.5 feet onto hardwood floors.

CFV Review: Chamber Rings

This unit came with two wooden rings and a quartz ring. I believe final shipments will have two wood and two quartz.
This unit came with two wooden rings and a quartz ring.

The CFV is the first vape of its kind to use interchangeable chamber rings. It ships with rosewood and quartz rings. The wooden rings give the vapor a soft aromatic undertone while insulating the chamber from residual heat. The quartz rings will absorb a bit of heat and retain it between draws. This gives the next pull a bit of a head start as the chamber temperature will be slightly warmer. The quartz rings don’t add any distinct flavor but will retain more heat. I very much prefer rosewood rings. After using the same ring for several weeks and about 25 grams vaped, the rosewood ring has lost its flavor. I’m curious to see if these wooden rings will turn into a consumable.

Is the CFV Full Convection?

CFV Convection Testing
CFV Convection Testing

Internet thugs are sensitive to vape manufacturers claiming full convection. The CFV is 100% convection, no doubt about it. I’ve performed and documented several CFV convection tests as evidence. I’ve kept the vape fully heated for the duration of 2 sessions without taking a single draw. The herb remained green (but slightly drier).

CFV Vapor Quality

The vapor from the CFV is top-notch. It’s smooth and airy and incredibly tasty. I’ve been running my first sessions at 375. The first 4 minutes of vapor is wonderful, clean, and delicious. Even if I kick it up to 446, the CFV vapor feels cool and tastes good. The vapor from the CFV has a pleasantly unique taste and feel. With the wooden rings, it even has some unique flavor characters.

CFV High

I normally don’t reference this as a talking point in vape reviews, but the CFV gives me a different high than other vapes. Using it for the past month has been a real treat. Daytime highs are razor sharp and clear with sativa – even at higher temps. Nighttime highs with indica have been more euphoric and giggly, with less couch-lock. This is certainly an effect of full convection. I can still achieve a couch-lock with the CFV, it just takes two sessions on the same bowl at higher temps.

CFV Battery Life

I haven’t been getting as many sessions per charge as I was expecting. However, I run my temps high and take long hard pulls. The CFV is powered by two 18350 batteries. It doesn’t have any problem keeping the heat through my draws, but I’m only getting about 3 double sessions per charge (three 8-minute sessions with a complete cool down in between)
To me, this is fine because I’m surrounded by micro-USB. If you’re planning on carrying the CFV as a daily portable, you may have issues if you plan to vape 3+ bowls in between charges.

The CFV battery is NOT user-replaceable; however, Randall has promised a revision with user-replaceable batteries.

CFV Review: Ease of Use

The CFV works surprisingly well with all grinds and all packing styles. You can load a little, or you can load a lot, but not as much as the CF/CFX.
Unloading and reloading the CFV is quick and easy. When the bowl is spent, I can usually empty it cleanly into a jar by simply tapping my finger on the side as I tip. A tightly packed bowl usually requires a bit of assistance, but it’s still easier than MANY other portable vapes.

The interface is simple to use. Five clicks to turn on/off. Up-down buttons to set the temp. Hold both buttons to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Hold the power button for 2 seconds to start/stop the heater.
The CFV heat-up time is fast. It heats up in about 30 seconds. It’s to be expected from Boundless. Those guys are fast!

The session is 4 minutes long, which seems about right. I find myself stirring at the session end and then bumping the temp for another session on the same bowl. There’s no feedback when the unit heat stops. No beep, no vibe… no vapor. This isn’t a huge deal because the vape heats up very fast, but sometimes a stoner needs a nudge.

What I like   What I do not like
– ultra-fast heat up time (30 seconds)
– purest convection available in a portable
– rosewood ring adds a lovely flavor
– fast charging (<1hr)
– 3-year warranty
– micro USB, charge it anywhere
– nonreplaceable battery
– 3-4 bowls per charge
– no haptic or audio feedback.

Final Thoughts

I enjoy this vape but I don’t believe it’s worth $220.
The vapor quality is good for taste and comfort. The CFV is easy to use, and there’s a very little learning curve. Just pack it and rip it.

The CFV gives me the clearest and most consistent daytime high of any other vape. If you’re looking for a portable convection unit, but don’t want to shell out $330 for the FireFly 2, the CFV is a great choice for you.

I hope this review has helped you in your decision-making.
If you’re looking to save some money, blow bigger clouds, or get more sessions per charge, consider the conduction plus convection Boundless CF
If you’re looking for an on-demand convection unit, for vaping on the go whenever you need it, look into the FireFly 2.

Red CFV Gallery

Here’s a gallery of pics of my Red CFV.