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Boundless CFV Unboxing Video

We’ve been following the development of the CFV for quite a while. After months of patiently waiting we finally got the good news that Boundless received their first batch of CFVs. Now for the best part about getting a new vape (other than using it) the unboxing!

The CFV is available now at Puffitup

Boundless CFV Unboxing Video

CFV Accessories

The sheer volume of gear Boundless Vapes includes with this vape is pretty impressive. Quick breakdown of what’s included in the box:

  • Boundless CFV
  • Quartz Ring
  • Rosewood Ring
  • Chamber Screens x2
  • Key Tool for removing bowl chamber
  • Mouthpiece Screens
  • Chamber O-Rings
  • Loading Funnel
  • Micro USB Cable (Charging)
  • Brush Tool & Pick Tool

CFV Loading Funnel

Our favorite item included might be the loading funnel shown at 5:36. (careful it’s a slippery little bugger) The reason we liked the loader so much was because how well it works, and the fact that it’s compatible with both the CF and CFX.

CFV Chamber Rings

One of the features that distinguish the CFV from other convection vaporizers is the customizable chamber ring. Boundless is initially releasing 3 different chamber rings. We look forward to seeing what other chamber rings will be released in the future. The first round of chamber rings available are: South African Rosewood, South American Rosewood, bamboo, and Quartz.

Rosewood: enhances the flavor of the herb.

Bamboo: masks the flavor of the herb for those that wish to medicate, but rather not taste the cannabis.


Boundless Red CFV Gallery

We’ve been spending all day with our new Boundless CFV. A ton of research and development go into these vaporizers. We wanted to get a better look at the internal components so we decided to take apart the mouth piece and bowl. Luckily we photographed every step of the way:

The CFV is available now at Puffitup

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