Here’s a question that I see asked fairly often. Is the extra money worth it for the Mighty? Is it too big? I myself wrestled with these questions for a full year before finally seeing a deal too good to pass up. The Mighty is currently available for $296 at POTV.

Crafty – Battery-life Gets Bad

Before I talk about the Crafty’s battery life, let me preface it by saying my Crafty was purchased June of 2016. Since then the Crafty has been upgraded to have 20% more battery life.

I’ve been using the Crafty almost every day since June of 2016. Unfortunately, the battery life has taken a nosedive. When I first bought the Crafty I was either getting 3 or 4 bowls per charge. A year and a half later and I’m down to 2 bowls per charge.

Whether you have a high tolerance and tend to medicate all throughout the day, or plan on going on an adventure… you might want a power bank. Luckily they’re fairly cheap.

Crafty – Not As Compact As You Think

The size and price were what attracted me to the Crafty. Although I still enjoy using the Crafty… it’s not as compact as you think. For starters, it doesn’t have a display screen. Meaning if you want to know the battery life or adjust the temp you will need to bring your smartphone along. Your Crafty just got 50% larger (to unlock all the features).

Using the Crafty Everyday

Quick recap of what you can expect to carry with you when daily using the Crafty:

  • Your smartphone
  • power bank
  • Charging Cord
  • Case to hold everything… (in case you need help choosing a case – I like the burrito case!)

Is The Mighty Worth It?

After using the PotV code (S&B15) the Mighty comes out to $296 and the Crafty comes out to $237. The Crafty is $58.85 less than the Mighty. If you plan on using the Crafty every day, you’re going to need a power bank ($10-$25) and a case ($20). That $58.85 difference suddenly shrinks down to only a $13.85-$28.85 difference.

So although the Mighty is roughly 28% taller and about 45% wider. In reality, the Mighty becomes far more convenient to deal with every day, and the price difference is not really as big as it first seems.

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