My Mighty Vaporizer has seen some shit. Its bowl looks as dark as a black hole – no light escapes from within its event horizon.

After cleaning my mighty with the steaming alcohol prep pad technique last year, I vowed to find a better way. But in order to test, I had to vape my Mighty extra hard and refrain from cleaning it or even wiping it down after use. I don’t recommend doing this, but for science – I did.

Dark Crystal Glass & Crystal Cleaner

Dark Crystal is a non-toxic cleaner made with simple extracts and water. No harmful chemicals.

Cleaning Mighty Vaporizer with Dark Crystal

I’ve been using Dark Crystal to clean my quartz bangers and inserts for many years. It works considerably better than isopropyl alcohol when it comes to cleaning baked on cannabis concentrates. I originally purchased my bottle on Amazon for $11, but they’ve since changed their bottle design around. It’s the same product though.

A few months ago I tested Dark Crystal on my Dynavap tips and it BLEW MY MIND. A simple 5 minute soak in some warm Dark Crystal had my old used and abused Dynavap tips shining like brand new!

The layers of caked on crap just wiped off with a paper towel after soaking!

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Using Dark Crystal on the Mighty Vaporizer

You can’t soak the Mighty or its bowl the same way you can soak Dynavap tips. In order to let the Dark Crystal work its magic on the Mighty vaporizer, I simply kept reapplying.

A cotton ball soaked with Dark Crystal would likely work perfect, just hold the vape upside-down so no liquid drips down into the heater.

I warmed my Mighty vaporizer up to 190F. This will warm up the Dark Crystal and improve its effectiveness. I had my Mighty set to 400F, but the Dark Crystal sizzles off and steams away quickly.

I’m not sure which scenario would be more effective, but I wanted to avoid Dark Crystal in steam form going into the heater of my Mighty, so I chose the lower temperature – even if it requires more work.

I ended up going through 9 q-tips of the Sauce Swabz variety, a higher end, more durable version of the Q-tip.

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