Rogue Wax Works Dab Tools & More

Rogue Wax Works is a maker of dab tools and other vape accessories and he recently sent a sampling of dab tools and Dynavap tools to play with! They’re fucking gorgeous and today I’m going to break them in with a livestream! He sent a total of 6 dab tools / scoops and a few … Read more

420vapezone LIVE: Firewood 6 + Gpen Connect + Gpen Elite

Happy Friday! This afternoon I’ll be live on youtube with a Firewood 6 first look and early review. The Firewood 6 is a kickass handmade wooden dry herb vape. It’s on-demand and full convection and it’s only $195. After the Firewood 6 talk we’re going to talk about the Gpen situation. The Gpen Connect is … Read more

LIVESTREAM: California Recreational Cannabis: $50 Eighth VS $50 HALF OZ

In this comparison, I get high as balls vaping on the Volcano Hybrid for science. (if you use that link, use code S&B15 to save 15%) I compare a top-shelf eighth of top-shelf cannabis with a $50 half-ounce of pre-ground cannabis. Top Shelf Contender: Triple Seven LA – Black Jack At $49 an eighth, this … Read more