CBD Flower is growing in popularity now that hemp has been legalized in the USA. I’ve been vaping CBD flower regularly now for a few months. One of the most frequently asked questions about CBD flower relates to the CBD effects on a person who is already intoxicated and high (on thc / normal marijuana)

In this video, I demonstrate the effects of vaping CBD flower while already high. The written article below describes the same test, but a different experience. I wrote the article before shooting the video.

I purchased my CBD hemp flower from buylegalmeds.com

Vaping CBD Flower while already high

As I type this my hands are liquifying and melting softly into the keys. Within the last 9 minutes, I managed to drop 3 glob-sized dabs. The first a strong sativa for a strong euphoric and mental high. The other two dabs were an indica dominant hybrid, for more of the body melting high.

I keep hearing and reading that CBD will help when you’re “too high” or start to get jittery or paranoid. So I’m testing it tonight.

I just now vaped .3g ish of CBD flower to see how it will make me feel. This bud contains less than .03% Delta 9 THC and is 17% CBD.

After vaping one bowl of the CBD flower,  I certainly feel clarified and more relaxed. The effects and feelings from vaporizing the CBD start before the bowl is fully vaped.

To be honest, the first few minutes after the 3rd dab were a little uncomfortable.  I was getting cold and uncomfortable feelings. Not super-panicky, but definitely closer to paranoid than I’d prefer. I definitely won’t do 3 in the video.

Effects of Vaping CBD Flower

CBD Flower Nug - Cherry Wine

Strain: Cherry Wine

The CBD flower gave me a very clarified and relaxed feeling. The first 10 minutes after vaping the CBD were interesting. It cut the intensity of my high immediately, but other effects seemed amplified or even enhanced.

Vaping the CBD flower seems to offer much stronger effects than the little CBD oil vapes. The effects are more in-my-face. I’ve been using the CBD Pax Era pods from Eaze and the feeling from vaping the flower is much better than the pods.

After 20 minutes I feel amazing. I’m still high and experiencing the creative flow but without the tendency to free-associate my thoughts or get distracted. But I’m still very high. This may be a new routine.

I’m now vaping a 2nd bowl of the Special Sauce CBD Flower from BuyLegalMeds. The flavor is interesting. It tastes kinda like sweet Chinese food. Not real Chinese food, but the panda express style.

The dab high is still there and my elbows feel like jello on the desk. It’s been 40 minutes and I feel like I could sleep right now if only I could find the perfect head balancing point on my neck.

I wonder if the guys that stack rocks can do that shit.

The 2nd bowl of CBD has me so relaxed. I don’t think it brought me down from my high, I think it’s more of a balancer and high-enhancer.

I feel better and I’m able to communicate with other humans after vaping the CBD flower, which is something I wouldn’t have been able to do as well after the 3 giant globs.

The effects are subtle but blissful.

I think I may start vaping CBD flower after all of my dabs.  This is really enjoyable. I feel so grounded and alive, but still enjoying the euphoric and other high-as-shit effects from the 3 dabs.

Two thumbs up for this test. Vaping CBD flower definitely cut the intensity from my high and left me feeling much more relaxed.