Dynavap Adds LIMITED Vaporizer Section including a SIMRELL COLLECTION Vape

Today in their planned livestream, Dynavap announced that they’ve added a LIMITED SECTION to their website. Dynavap will be listing small quantities of obscure and limited availability parts and vaporizers.

New Old Stock 2017, 2018, and 2019 Dynavap Vapcap Ms

Dynavap has listed several 2017 and 2018 Vapcap M on their Limited Page. These are old stock and not reproduction units. Phantom tips from 2018 and Gold Vapcap M (AuruM) from 2019 are also listed.

Dynavap Limited Edition

Damascus Steel Dynavap Stem

Dynavap listed two varieties of Damascus Steel stems, but both are already sold out. Damascus steel is forged by folding the metal over and over and over again, creating a unique metallic pattern and ultra-strong durability. Damascus Dynavap Stems need to stay oiled or lubed, or else they will change color and form a patina.

Dynavap Selling Simrell Collection

My Simrell Vortex is my favorite Dynavap stem, so it’s great to see Dynavap embracing Austyn’s work and actually selling a line of Simrell Collection on their website.