Haze Square Preview & Update

The Haze Square was announced a few years ago and it’s FINALLY HERE.

The Square features four bowls and a FULL CONVECTION heater. It’s fully on-demand, which means you’re always 10 seconds away from a quick lift.

I received my pre-production unit a long long time ago and was able to watch the Haze Square evolve and refine itself over the last 12 months. The Haze design team often has a unique perspective and interpretation of the weed vape interface and the Haze Square is another glorious example of crazy interface witchcraft. The Square features 4 bowls and a single heater. The bowls rotate into place like some sort of stoner puzzle box. Prize every time!

On Demand
The Haze Square is an On-Demand vape – this means its single button operation heats up a coil and you pull vapor while holding a button. The full convection heating of the Haze Square produces quick vapor at higher temps, while lower temps require a bit of draw technique. It’s nothing like riding a unicycle – you’ll have it figured out by the end of your 2nd bowl

Battery Life
I’m only getting 4 bowls per charge with the Haze Square. I have the PRO version of the Haze Square, which charges via USB-C (in about 30 minutes.)
This doesn’t sound like a lot of battery capacity, but since the device requires moderate breakdown to reload after 4 bowls anyway, I have no complaints.

Reloading / Cleaning / Maintanence
Reloading the Haze Square is not a quick and easy task. The Haze Square isn’t a vape to reach for when you want a quick bowl. It’s a vape you pack and carry with you for a 4-bowl adventure.
The loading tray is 15 pieces total, although you do not need to fully disassemble to unload/load.

The bowls are easily removed for cleaning and filling; however, the screens and other parts involved in the vapor path are more tedious to deal with. I’ve found that the entire tray needs to be deep cleaned after 10-15 uses at 4-bowls-each.

The cleaning and loading tray certainly makes life easier – but the first few times were tedious and cumbersome – the price you pay for 4 bowls of on-demand vapor in your pocket 😉

Vapor Taste, Quality and Extraction Speed
The Haze Square vapor is lovely! With the right temperature, it’s perfectly potent and hearty without being harsh or dry. The hits remind me of the Firefly 2, Ghost MV1, and RBT Vapes.

The Extraction speed really depends on your temp and draw technique. I’ve managed to extract bowls with 4 hits. I’ve been told my lungs have special powers though…

Is it worth it?
I think the Haze Square is remarkable for <$200. It’s not perfect, but it’s capable of packing 4 bowls in your pocket and on-demand vaping them all. With the USB-C version charging in 30 minutes, this vape fills a lot of portability needs for me.

There have been some hiccups with its development and launch, but I wouldn’t let that affect your decision. Haze has been around for many years. Haze is a small family-owned operation that has been active in the dry herb vaporization community for many years.