Fierce! The latest vape from Healthy Rips
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Nov 10, 2018 Update: The Fierce has been recalled and I’m currently waiting for the version 2 to arrive. I’ll be re-launching the Healthy Rips Fierce review as soon as I can.

The FIERCE is the latest dry herb vape from Healthy Rips. The FIERCE is a hybrid vape, utilizing both convection and conduction.

Healthy Rips has impressed me with the Fury 2 and the Fierce is essentially the same vape with several improvements. Which is why I’ve been following the development of the Fierce for 10 months now. I met with Healthy Rips back in February and the Fierce was nearly ready when we met. I enjoyed the vape at the time and have been anticipating its release ever since.

This Summer I met with Healthy Rips again and this time had the glory of testing the final version of the Fierce and all of the new features and accessories. I pushed the vape as hard as I could in a group setting and it stood up like a champ.

The Fierce just entered final production and is available for preorder. There are 4 different Fierce bundles available. These preorders will ship August 27th, the official release date.

Healthy Rips FIERCE vs FURY 2

Fierce is considerably larger and actually feels BETTER in my pocket than the Fury 2. It’s the same thickness, but the bigger size distributes the pocket pressure more evenly. The Fierce feels GREAT in my pocket.

Bigger, Removable Battery – with the bigger size comes a bigger battery. The upgraded battery is a 4050mah powerhouse with a claimed 120 minutes of run time. I’ll be happy if it can make it to 90 minutes. The battery is a proprietary configuration, not the 18650 that many vape geeks demand. This is often safer in the long run and also less troublesome for warranty and customer service issues. Healthy Rips promises this isn’t a decision about making money and they are committed to offering extra batteries without the ridiculous price tags.

USB-C Charging – USB-C is the new and improved usb standard. It can charge VERY fast, 60-80 minutes from dead to completely charged. This ultra-fast charging is incredibly convenient for those ‘forgot to charge it’ moments; however, usb-c isn’t as commonly found like micro USB. Your Uber driver probably won’t have a USB-C charger.

Interface – The functionality and user interface are mostly the same, but the Fierce has a few additional features – like an adjustable session length. The screen has doubled in size and shows a dashboard of temps, time, and battery indicator.

Fierce Mouthpieces & Accessories – Healthy Rips has added a new mouthpiece to the Fierce. It’s an all-glass mouthpiece with a magnetic slide-on housing. The glass mouthpiece reduces the bowl size and fits directly into the oven – similar to the WPA for the Fury 2. The result is even more convection and a more natural feeling on the lips. The glass mouthpiece will also be easier to maintain than the OG mouthpiece.

More Convection / Less Conduction – Healthy Rips explained the changes to the heater to me. I have not had ample time to test and confirm, nor have I performed a teardown of the new oven. The Fierce oven is 33% bigger and will utilize less radiant/conductive heat than the Fury 2.

Fury 2 vs Fierce
Fury is 1″ x 2″ x 3.2″
Fierce is 1.1″ x 2.9″ x 4″

Vapor Comparison: Fierce vs Fury 2 – I haven’t had a lot of side-by-side bowls to compare… So far the vapor tastes and feels very similar. The larger bowl diameter and airpath change the mouthfeel of the vapor, but the differences in the convection/conduction factors haven’t been drastic enough to talk about.

Is the Fierce the MIGHTY KILLER?
I think it has a chance. It’s a bold statement, but I think it’s a contender. The Mighty has been on the throne for 3 years and the Fierce is clearly aiming its sights on the #1 vape spot.
The Mighty isn’t #1 because of its power, it’s #1 because it offers everything in a simple-but-powerful package. The Fierce checks a lot of the same boxes that the Mighty does and I’m excited to dedicate more time with it and see how it stakes up against the Mighty.

The Mighty still feels more powerful and produces a nicer vapor, but the Fierce is cheaper and offers several features the Mighty lacks.

In the meantime, the Fierce is available for PREORDER right now.