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Ditanium Vaporizer / Desktop Vape + Enail

The Ditanium is a Desktop vaporizer for cannabis and concentrates. It’s a compact dry herb vaporizer and combination enail that can vaporize your weed and your dabs at the same time!

At $260, the Ditanium is a budget-friendly at-home vape that can take care of all your 420 vaporization needs.

The outer shell of the Ditanium is hand-treated wood and it’s built in a way that subtly protects you from its hot surfaces. The heating rod is encased in grade 2 titanium which creates an ultra-efficient convection heater for your dry herb. At the top of the heating rod and titanium sit an all-quartz dab nail.

Both the dry herb convection vape and the enail portions of the Ditanium are controlled by the same single control knob.

The Ditanium is available from Puffitup.com for $260

Ditanium Vape Review Video

Ditanium Dual Purpose Vape

What’s great about the Ditanium is it can be used for both dry herb and for wax and concentrates without any configuration changes. You can even vape dry herb and dabs at the same time! Because the dabbing dish is located on top of the heating rod and the dry herb is loaded directly into the handpiece portion of the whip, the Ditanium is always ready to vape a bowl or to drop some dabs!

Vaping Weed with the Ditanium

The Ditanium is a great weed vape for long sessions and all-day vaping. Perfect for medicinal marijuana patients and full-time stoners. The bowl of the Ditanium can hold as little as .08g using the micro-dosing screens, or at little as .15g with the stock screen.

If you prefer larger loads, the Ditanium bowl can easily hold up to a half gram of ground cannabis.

When packing smaller loads it may be necessary to lightly tamp your load to help it vape more evenly.

Dabbing with the Ditanium

Most vapes are stretching the truth when claiming abilities to vape concentrates. They usually include a mesh pad or some other half-ass approach to vaping wax.

The Ditanium offers true enail functionality for a traditional dabbing experience.  It can power through glob after glob.

The nail goes up to 900F, which is too hot for dabs but perfect for self-cleaning mode! The carb cap can be used for lower temp dabs. It’s not needed for the higher temp dabs.

Ditanium Vaporizer and Enail
The Ditanium is a dual purpose vape featuring a quartz dish for dabbing as well as full convection dry herb vape

Stacked Hits: Dabs + Flower – at the same time

For the heaviest of heavy hits, the Ditanium can vape dry herb and dabs at the same time. This puts the Ditanium into an exclusive league of heavy-hitting vapes like the Elev8r, SSV43, Herborizer, and the Flowerpot.

These stacked hits are capable of putting high-tolerance users on the moon, but the Ditanium misses the mark when it comes to stacked dabs.

The Ditanium is best used individually with flower or concentrates because the temperature required for vaping flower is higher than the temperature settings used to dab. This means that stacked hits will be too-hot-of-a-dab or the vapor from the dry herb will be too weak and whispy.

Is Ditanium Worth It?

The Ditanium is going to set you back $260, which is a budget-friendly price when you compare to the price of any other desktop vape or high-end portable dry herb vaporizer.

The cheapest enail I’ve come across is still $200 and it’s just a simple nail and controller. Ugly, but functional.  The Ditanium delivers the same functionality while also serving as a dry herb vape station.

The amount of weed, and time, you’ll be saving with the Ditanium will pay for itself within the first year.

Ditanium vs Arizer EQ

The Arizer EQ is the cheapest desktop vaporizer available, coming in at a mere $150.

The Extreme Q and the Ditanium function very similarly as dry herb vaporizers. Both utilize full convection, glass bowls, and a silicone whip to inhale with or connect to your favorite bong.

While the Arizer EQ can also fill vapor bags or balloons, similar to the Volcano, the Extreme Q does not have any method for dabbing or vaping cannabis concentrates. For $100 more, the Ditanium looses the ability to inflate vapor bags but adds full enail capabilities for dabbing.

Ditanium vs Volcano

The Volcano vaporizer is the top standard in balloon vapes. It’s been out for nearly 20 years and will still set you back $400 (after coupon code “420vapezone”).

The Volcano vaporizer is a one-trick-pony. It will vape your weed and blow up bags of vapor. That’s it.

The vapor from the Volcano isn’t better than the rest, but the build quality of the unit and all of the parts are still several levels above the rest of the market. German engineering at its finest.

The Volcano can vape concentrates and dabs while using the included concentrate pad, however the experience is far from dab-like and not a great use of concentrates.

The Ditanium is $140 cheaper and built out of much simpler components. The Ditanium can’t fill vapor bags or balloons, but it can vape dry herb and dabs at the same time!

Ditanium vape whip or bong adapter
The Ditanium can be used with the whip or connected directly to your bong


I've been medicating with vaporizers, legally, since 2012. I started reviewing dry herb vaporizers and other cannabis products in 2015. I fell in love with creating content around vapes and cannabis vaporization. I'm passionate about the topic and the community. I love bringing people together and I love helping them understand the ins and outs of vaping weed.


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