The StemPod is the first rebuildable and customizable 510-powered CONVECTION dry herb tank.

What makes this different than those shitty Migvapor Sub ohm tanks?

  1. It works. Immediately and reliably.
  2. It uses hot air to vaporize your weed for the absolute best flavor and maximum vapor production
  3. You can rebuild and customize your own convection coils

Watch my Stempod Review Video & Demo

The Stempod comes with a wooden Stashpod, 2 screens, 4 extra coils, and a glass mouthpiece for $125

$125 @ ModPod

Convection Vapor from a 510 Dry Herb Tank

Stempod Dry Herb Vape Tank

The Stempod can be powered by any capable 510 mod battery

The Stempod uses a cleverly designed 510 deck to turn a wound clapton coil into an efficient convection heater. The coils heat up quickly for a true on-demand vapor and the convection heating power is thorough and effective.

The glass mouthpiece holds a small stainless steel bucket screen which serves as the bowl. When the mod fires and the coils heat up, air is drawn through the hot coils and the hot air vaporizes your cannabis as it passes through it.

The vapor from the Stempod tastes great and can be very potent with the right technique. It’s an easy vape to use. Mastering it may take a couple bowls.

Routine & Maintenance

The daily upkeep on the Stempod is minimal! The small bucket screen used as the bowl will require the most maintenance. I brush it out when it starts to have build-up and spray it with ISO when the brush is no longer cutting it.

The internal screen in the body of the Stempod can be cleaned with a brush. I haven’t had the need to remove the screen for deep cleaning.

When the glass stem is full of honey, you can make stem milk for a nice little edible high.

Changing the Coils on the Stempod

The coils will eventually become oxidized from the thermal abuse and as the coils age, they’ll become more fragile and less effective.

With regular use, you’ll need to change your coils every 5 or 6 months.

Replacement coils are $5 for 4 coils. That’s a $5/year maintenance cost, unless you buy the wire and make your own.

Glass Nippled / Cooling Mouthpiece

The glass nippled mouthpiece is a great addon for $25! The vapor path is elongated and obstructed by inward nipple-like indents made by a glass blower.

Compared to competitors nipple-stems, this one has the most nipples and the thinnest glass.

This stem also has a glass screen where the joint meets the nippled tube. This dual-configuration allows a much bigger bowl to be packed.

Packing to the screen requires a bit more technique to get rippin’, but when it gets going it’s a wonderful experience.

See more at ModPod Labs.