Pax Era Pod Price: $44 from Eaze Delivery California ($20 voucher)

I’ve purchased and consumed SIX of these Daytime Sativa Pax Era pods over the last 2 years.

This Pax Era cartridge from Bloom Farms is a blend of sativa strains designed for the high energy mental high and none of the heavy body indica effects.

I paid $44 for this Pax Era pod from Eaze delivery in California. You can save $20 off your first order with Eaze through this link.

Bloom Farms Daytime Sativa: Vapor & Flavor

The vapor from the Daytime Sativa Pax Era pod is reliable and full at each of the Pax Era’s 4 temperature settings. I usually stick to the 2nd and 3rd temp settings for this pod as sometimes the higher temperatures give me anxiety with sativa strains. The pull is nice and the vapor production starts immediately.

The flavor is a muted mix of citrus rind and rocket fuel with earthy and muddy undertones. It’s not as bright and loud as a single-strain cartridge would be, but you’re saving $10 with the blend. It’s not bad by any means.

After 5 or 6 big hits in a row at anything-but-the-lowest temp setting, the vapor will get harsh and taste like death. It’s important to let the Pax Era pod rest in-between hits so the wick can get saturated again.

Daytime Sativa Effects

This is where it matters most for me. When I am hitting a sativa I am looking for mental stimulation without any sedation or body melting sensations. This sativa delivers the stereotypical sativa effects without any of the heavy indica effects.

There is a bit of body high, especially as you come down, but it’s not an “ahhhh I’m stuck to the toilet” type of high.

If you’re looking for a “holy shit I’m high” kind of high, this Pax Era pod can certainly deliver that as well. It’s not quite the same high as a dab, and it’s not the same as vaping or even smoking dry herb. It’s a different high, but it can still turn you into a deer.

Life of the Pax Era Pod

I’ve been getting 300-450 hits per Pax Era pod, depending on the temp settings.

I find that the flavor tends to get muddier halfway through the pod’s life. I’m a bit of a snob though and a lot of people have no complaints.

I will keep hitting the Era until the pod is completely empty and no longer producing vapor. I do not refill the Pax Era pods, I simply throw them away. No I will not mail them to you, please don’t email me asking for empty Pax Era pods.

There are ways to refill Pax Era pods but I do not bother with it.

Will I Buy the Bloom Farms Pax Era Pod Again?

Yes. Bloom Farms has been reliable. I have purchased dozens of Bloom Farms Pax Pods over the last couple of years and only 2 were bad. Eaze replaced them and everything turned out OK.