How to Clean Boundless Terp PenHelp! My Terp Pen is CLOGGED and it won’t hit!
Don’t panic. This happens from time to time. Your Terp Pen is clogged with reclaim and cleaning it is a simple process.

Things You’ll Need:

Isopropyl Alcohol – 91% works best. Alcohol quickly dissolves sticky concentrates and will clean your Terp Pen back to the original finish.
Container for Soaking – I like to use a small jar just large enough for the coil. A zip-lock bag will work. Jars have the advantage of being shake-able.
Q-tips – You can get by without these, but I know you have them already.
Paper Towel – One is enough for the entire job.

Terp Pen Cleaning Video Demonstration

In this video I perform a deep clean on my Terp Pen and offer some tips and advice for keeping your Terp Pen operating smoothly.

Terp Pen Cleaning Instructions

Follow these simple steps to restore your Boundless Terp Pen to factory condition.

Step 1 – Disassemble the Terp Pen – Remove the cap, the coil, and the sleeve of the Terp Pen.
Soaking the Terp Pen coil to clean it

Step 2 – Soak the Coil – Place the coil in your soaking container and fill with enough alcohol to submerge the entire coil.

Shake shake shake! Shake Shake Shake! No need to sing, but shaking the soaking coil around makes the cleaning go quicker

Harvesting reclaim from Boundless Terp Pen

Step 3 – Scrape your reclaim (optional) – Usually reclaim tastes pretty bad – but the Terp Pen isn’t a high temp device and any reclaim you can harvest will probably taste good enough for most. I like to use a dab tool to scrape as much reclaim as I can. This will be my first dab after the cleaning is done.

ISO Alcohol cleans the Terp Pen quickly

Step 4 – Clean Stainless Internal – It’s the main part. Hold it within your paper towel and spray it with your ISO. You can also wet your paper towel if you don’t have a spray bottle. Use the ISO to dissolve the leftover reclaim and clean the internals of the Terp Pen.

Cleaning Terp Pen with Q-Tip

Step 5 – Use Q-Tip / Included Brush – Clean inside the threaded portion as well as the two cutouts where air flows through the coil. Spray more ISO if needed, but do not soak this portion of the device.

Terp Pen is Clogged

Step 6 – Clean inside of Outer Barrel – The internal wall of the Terp Pen’s barrel is the vapor path. Plug one end with your finger and spray some ISO alcohol inside. Plug the OTHER END with another finger, gripping both ends shut tight.

Shake the shit out of it while holding both ends tightly closed so no alcohol spews out. Dump the ISO onto your paper towel and repeat if needed. You can also stuff some paper towel or a q-tip into the barrel to clean out any remaining reclaim.

Step 7 – Remove Coil from Soak, Dry & Reassemble – Remove the coil from the alcohol bath and inspect to make sure it’s clean. The holes near the threads should be completely clear and there should be no remnants of reclaim.

Let the coil dry thoroughly, or blow on it and through it for a minute or two if you’re excited to dab that reclaim you harvested!!