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Boundless Terp Pen


The Terp Pen is for concentrates and is my favorite nectar-collector-style dab pen.

Why I Like: The Terp Pen is the size of a ball-point pen. I can carry it anywhere and sneak a quick dab wherever I please.

Features: Draw activated, instant heat-up, easy to clean, dip-n-dab or pre-load and cap carry.  Stainless Steel vapor path, Micro USB charging.

The Boundless Terp Pen is an inhale-activated dab-straw in a slim and sleek pen-sized body. The magnetic cap protects the exposed coil while on the go. You can even load it up and hit it with the cap on for NINJA DABS! 

The $30 Terp Pen is a wax pen of a new era. While most wax vapes use a load-as-you-go approach, the Terp Pen uses an open coil to instantly vaporize your dab directly from the container or off of a dab tool.

Dabbing with the Boundless Terp Pen

There are 3 ways to smoke your wax with the Terp Pen. Some dabbing methods work better than others depending on the environment.

Dabbing Directly off the Dab Tool – This is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to dab your oils. Use your preferred dab tool to collect a rice-grain-sized dab or smaller. Inhale through the device to heat the coils. While inhaling, touch the coils to your dab and enjoy the vapor. Use the Terp Pen like a little vacuum to suck up and vape your entire dab – but DON’T SUCK TOO HARD! Inhaling too hard will make your device messier, faster. Inhale fast enough to keep the coils hot but don’t go crazy.

Loading Your Coils – This method works great for carrying your Terp Pen out and about. Pack yourself a dab to-go by pre-heating the coils with a 2-3 second inhale. While the coils are hot, melt a healthy dab into the coils and leave a layer of concentrate as a little bonus. Put the cap on and put the wax pen in your pocket. When you’re ready to dab, pull out the Terp Pen and hit it! No need to remove the cap!

Dabbing Directly from the Jar – For ultimate convenience – skip the dab tools and just dab straight from the jar! You can even dab directly from silicone or parchment if you’re careful to not actually touch the coils to the paper.
It’s easy to go overboard with this method – which means you may end up too high or sucking up too much wax and make a mess of your vape.


Boundless Terp Pen Review - Lunch Date Portability Test

Dabs and Burgers with the Boundless Terp Pen

Likes & Dislikes

 I love the size, shape, and overall interface of the Boundless Terp Pen. It looks like a pen and it gets me ripped quickly and conveniently.

 It’s a very small device, which is great for portability – but it also means there’s a limit to the size of dabs it can do.

Dabbing large globs with the Terp Pen will cause reclaim to gather in the airpath and behind the coil – eventually clogging the whole pen.

Is it worth $30?
Easily. Similar devices sell for $80-$200 and none of them offer the sexy pen-shaped body of the Terp Pen.


** Disclaimer **
Boundless Technologies paid me to Alpha test this product and provide private feedback.
The opinions in this review are mine. This content is not sponsored. I make no money from your purchase of the Terp Pen.


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