Coil King Wax Pen by Crossing Tech

The best dab pens are small and inconspicuous without sacrificing the flavor of the dab or the joy of the dabbing experience.

The Coil King is a breeze to use and a joy to carry. Its slender pen-like body fits anywhere. and the melt-off loading dab-tool mouthpiece is brilliant.

Dabbing on the go is easy with this wax pen.  The mouthpiece has a built-in dab tool that uses melt-off loading. Simply scoop your dab like normal, and return the mouthpiece to the vape – dab and all. Your concentrates will stay on the dab tool until you’re ready to vape.

Clearly created by dabbers, the Coil King AIO has 3 perfectly tuned temperature settings and user-replaceable prebuilt atomizers.

Coming in at the cost of a gram of dabs, the $35 Coil King beats the shit out of weed carts for on-the-go dabs.

Features: Zirconia Mouthpiece & Dab Tool – stainless steel body –  kanthal coil on quartz – 3 temp settings – usb-c  – isolated vapor path – 14mm bong native 

Why I like it:

Dry dabs on the go aren’t always a luxurious experience, but the Coil King has features found in higher-priced vape pens without the big brand puffed-up prices.

The ceramic zirconia mouthpiece with an integrated dab tool makes this vape luxurious and fun to use.

I get about 10-12 dabs per charge and the bottom of the vape has a built-in silicone storage area for your wax, rosin, or shatter.


Stainless steel body

Isolated vapor path

Built-in dab tool

Easy Melt-Off Dabbing

Cheap, this vape is cheap

Wax / Dab storage


Exposed Coil Design

Should be used vertically

$8 replacement coils