We all wanted to love it, the pen-shaped vape that actually looks like an oversized pen and could almost vaporize some marijuana.

But it was too good to be true, as learned several times over the course of 5 years, 4 non-working vapes with lifetimes warranties, and countless emails unresponded.


The crew (person?) over at Grasshopper have ghosted even their pro-bono customer service helper, as posted recently on FuckCombustion. Vgoodiez Scott had been helping the Hopper IO folk with their never-ending cycle of warranty replacements and repair, but even he has run out of patience.

User Vapviking asks blatantly in the Grasshopper thread:

Back in March you said you were going to try to “see what’s going on.”
The rest of us only have pure speculation on which to hang our hats.
Have you learned anything that you’d care to share?
Is the ride over?
IO’s have not been available for months, pretty much only batteries are going out…

We’ve noticed that Hoppers are no longer on your site, though your profile still says

To which Vgoodiez responds:

Sorry there is nothing I can do. I was ghosted for too long like the rest of you. The mods can remove my stupid second badge this site requires and I’ll take the above out of my profile. I tried and genuinely thought this would get better when I took this on (without compensation mind you) but unfortunately I was wrong.

Kudos to Scott for investing his own time and energy for the sake of the community.

The situation is still developing as FC administrators consider flagging the thread as “DISCONTINUED”.

However, this wouldn’t be the first time Grasshopper has ghosted the industry, screwed over warranty services, left people ripped off, only to return as if nothing had happened. This would actually be the 3rd time. Maybe even the 4th.

The Grasshopper has never been reliable enough to recommend or review.

If this is jumping the gun and Grasshopper comes back, vote with your wallet and spend your money elsewhere. The vape, and the company, is a dud.

Did you ever own a Grasshopper vaporizer? Tell me about your experience with the company in the comments.

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