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Make E Juice From Wax

Although I haven’t done this myself, each company has their own detailed process for diluting concentrates into ejuice. They all essentially require the following:

You will need the following:

  • Concentrate
  • Flavored Extracting Liquid
  • Shot glass
  • Precision syringe squirt bottle
  • Cooking pot
  • tap water
  • stove

How to turn concentrate into e juice

Step 1: Place the e juice in a shot glass

Step 2: place some concentrate in the shot glass full of e juice

Step 3: place the shot glass into the cooking pot

Step 4: fill up only enough water so that half the shot glass is submerged

Step 5: Place the cooking pot on the stove so that the water will boil

Step 6: Mix the e juice and concentrate while the water heats up

Step 7: enjoy 🙂

What’s a Concentrate Extractor?

This is the flavored liquid that you will mix the concentrate with. Once the concentrate dissolves into the concentrate extractor, the remaining liquid acts just like regular ejuice (except better!) Since it will now discreetly be getting you high.

There are several concentrate extractors to choose from:


One of the most popular brands people turn to is Wax Liquidizer. Several of my local smoke shops carry the kits from Wax Liquidizer. Wax Liquidizer doesn’t contain glycerin or nicotine. It won’t separate into layers when mixed with concentrates. Most importantly it can turn $100 worth of concentrates into $800 worth of ejuice.

Available at www.WaxLiquidizer.com

EJ Mix

EJ Mix state their dilutant are 100% sourced and bottled in the USA. The flavors include: Orange Cream, Vanilla Frost, and natural unflavored.

Available at www.Bloomsdays.com

Shatter Batter

A single 30ml bottle of Shatter Batter can transform 10 grams of concentrate into ejuice. Shatter Batter comes in 8 different flavors.  (Natural (unflavored), Fruit Frenzy, Ruby Rose, Melon Craze, Nutty Nana, Grapesicle, Pink Lemonade)

Available at Shatter Batter

Puff Magic

Puff Magic premium liquid mixer states they are sourced domestically. With 10 different flavors to choose from, good luck picking out just one.

Available at Puff Magic Vape

Voodoo Drips

One of the only Canadian companies on our list, Voodoo Drips look easy enough to use. Simply follow the instructions and mix concentrate with ejuie in a shot glass, place it in the microwave for 10 seconds and enjoy!

Available at Voodoo Drips

Holy Terp Kits

The holy terp kits can be used as is orcombined with other concentrate extractors. Flavors include “chill, couch lock, the doctor, jack, peacemaker, and philospher. Additional flavors can be added for $11.99. These additional flavors have more traditional names such as strawberry, original, cinnamon bun, tangerine, blueberry, lemon, bubble gum, pineapple, flavorless.

Available at Holy Terp Kits 

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