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Mighty Vape FAQ

The Mighty with mouthpiece opened. The power button is on the left side.
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I get so many questions via email and youtube comments about the Mighty! It’s my personal favorite vape, and my highest recommended as well.
It’s such a magnificent vape, I figured I’d make a list of all the frequently asked questions.

Can the Mighty vape hash? 
The Mighty can vape hash, but hash just doesn’t vaporize all that well.

Can the Mighty vape wax? (dabs, shatter, oil)
Yes! Use the included concentrate pad. Heat up the Mighty with the pad in it. When it’s hot, drop a small dab on the pad and close the top.

Are there any coupons, discounts, or deals on the Mighty?
The recent Mighty price drop makes it affordable for people! It used to be $440, now it’s $350. Use coupon code PUFFEDUP to bring it down to $296 at Puffitup.

Are the Mighty vaporizers on eBay legit?
Hard to tell. If it’s cheaper than other reputable sellers, there’s probably a reason for it. Better safe than sorry, stick with a reputable seller like Puffitup or VapeWorld.

Can the Mighty be used with a bong?
I thought you’d never ask. The Mighty is the BEST when it comes to vapor-bonging. There are several options for water pipe adapters, I’ve demonstrated all of them here.

Is the Mighty worth it?
It was worth it before the price drop. Now at $296, it’s a bargain. It is the absolute best performing portable there is.

What temperature should I use with the Mighty?
This is really up to your personal preference and individual needs. Vaporization is most effective when starting low and gradually increasing temperature. I like to start at 365F and incrementally work my way to 390ish. I use 410 for concentrates and weekend highs.

What grinder is best for the Mighty?
The Mighty works best with a medium grind. Too coarse and you won’t get full extraction. Too fine and it makes a mess of the cooling unit. The consistency of the Santa Cruz or Space Case works best.

What’s the difference between the Mighty and the Crafty?
The vapor is pretty much identical. The Mighty is bigger, but still pocketable for most. The Crafy has one less battery – it takes longer to heat up and has less sessions per charge. The Mighty has on-device exact temp control, while the Crafty relies on a bluetooth mobile app.

Should I get the Mighty or the Crafty?
Get the Mighty, 100%

Is the Mighty pure convection?
No. The Mighty uses both conduction and convection to produce its magical vapor.

Where is the best place to buy the Mighty
My 3 trusted stores:
Buy at Puffitup – $296 after code PUFFEDUP
Buy at VapeWorld – $350
Buy at Planet of the Vapes – $350

Is there a NEW Mighty coming out soon?
Rumors have been floating, but so far there’s no real evidence to confirm anything.

What is the warranty for the Mighty?
The Mighty carries a 2 year warranty. If anything breaks or malfunctions, you’re covered. Even if you’re not, they’ll fix it or replace it for minimal charges.

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