We’ve all had it happen, you get a little too high one night and forget to close lid of your weed jar. By the next day, your weed is dry enough to almost instantly turn to powder. (Like something out of an Indiana Jones Movie) Unlike the villains from Raiders of the Lost Ark, your weed can actually be saved! Related: How to store your weed

DIY Humidor to Moisten Weed

The science behind rehydrating dried weed couldn’t be easier. We will create a humidor, this is an airtight container with a source of moisture inside to create humidity. Once dried out weed is placed inside, it will gradually absorb the moisture from the air.

Container – Grab a mason jar, or Ziploc bag. I prefer the mason jar it just makes everything so much easier. If you don’t have a mason jar any jar should work. Just make sure you clean the shit out of a jar previously used to store food. You don’t want food contaminates causing mold to grow on your weed. There are two ways you can grow mold: food contamination touching the weed, or leaving the weed in the humidor too long.

Time – Some sites recommend leaving your bud inside these containers for as much as 24 hours. I do not advise leaving your weed in a humid place for more than 6 or 8 hours. The last time I left weed in for 24 hours… it grew mold!

Moisture source – Up next you will get a moisture source to place inside the container. You can use a damp Q-Tip, paper tower, or do it right and use a Boveda Humidipak in your container. Just don’t overdo it, literally a couple drops is enough. I’m going to breakdown all the different things you can use inside of your humidor to moisten your dry weed.

Moisture Sources For Humidors

Orange Peel – An orange peel can be used instead of a wet sponge to add moisture to your dry marijuana. The benefit to using the orange peel is it adds a hint of orange to your bud! Simply set aside a handful of orange peels, then place them in with your bud. Be careful to keep it away from the weed in order to minimize the possibility of mold germination.

Watermelon Peel – Same principle as the method above. You might want to cut the watermelon peels into cubes to make them fit into your Ziploc bag easier. Try to avoid any contact with the weed to better prevent mold growth.

Lettuce – If you for some reason don’t have a wet paper towel lying around. You can always grab a piece of a lettuce, roughly the size of your palm, and place it in a container with your weed. Since Lettuce doesn’t have an overpowering aroma to it, your weed should taste exactly the same as the first day you got it!

Wet Paper Towel – Perhaps the easiest way to rehydrate your bud. Warning it HAS to be a Bounty quicker picker upper paper towel! I’m just kidding, it doesn’t make any fucking difference. Just dampen the paper towel, don’t get it too wet, and make sure it’s kept away from the weed.

Wet q-tips – This is the easiest way to moisten the weed without changing the taste. It’s also a very easy way to add moisture while keeping it away from the bud. Wet one end of the q-tip and lean it against the wall of your container with the wet end hovering above the weed.

Boveda Humidipak – This stuff is idiot proof. They took ALL the guesswork out of it. Just pop one of these bad boys in there and you’re all set. Definitely perfect for those people with actual cigar humidors they maintain.

Tortilla – If you want to remoisten the weed, without changing the taste, simply weigh the weed and place a tortilla that weighs half as much.