PCKT One 510 Vape Pen for THC Oil Cartridges

The PCKT One was sent to me about 10 months ago to review and I’ve been using it off an on throughout the year. These 510 cannabis vape pods are incredibly easy and convenient, it’s no wonder they’ve grown to be so popular.

The PCKT one is an ultra-compact 510 vape pen battery for THC oil carts. It’s considerably smaller than the traditional vape pens and 510 e-cig batteries, while still packing significantly more battery capacity and power in each hit.

The PCKT One loads the oil cartridge directly in the middle of the body and keeps it protected from flexing and breaking in your pocket. THC or CBD oil cartridges are loaded into the device using the included magnetic mounting ring. The PCKT One includes two of the magnetic rings as well as a full-length magnetic adapter to use in case your vape pod doesn’t fit into the cavity.

This vape pen features TWO heat settings as well as a pre-heat/assist feature. You can change the heat settings with three-quick-clicks to the control button. Holding the button will activate the pre-heat/assist feature, which is indicated by the flashing green and red LED.

The PCKT One is available directly from PCKT Vapor or from Vape Parts Mart

What I Like about the PCKT One

Great build quality: the metal is thick and the device feels like it will never let me down. The finish is nice and the buttons are clicky. It feels significantly better than pretty much every other 510 vape battery I’ve ever touched.

Amazing battery life: The PCKT One packs 660 mAh of juice, but since the load is split over two batteries the heatup is quicker and the battery life is longer than other vape pens. I’ve vaped entire 1 gram cartridges on a single charge.

What I Don’t Like about the PCKT One

Oversized Cartridges do not fit
Some of the CCell cartridges (high quality empty carts) are slightly too big to fit into the PCKT One device. The package includes an adapter so the larger cartridges can still be used, but the full length of the cartridge protrudes from the device and it just doesn’t carry well like that.

PCKT One – Is it worth it?
The PCKT One is $50 – a fair price for a high-quality vape pen battery. The 2018 oil pen market has changed quite a bit and there are several cheaper vape pens available.

The PCKT One has a fantastic build and basic temp modes. If you’re heavy into THC and CBD oil cartridges, this vape pen battery is one of the nicest ones available.

If you’re just looking for a good cheap vape pen that’s compact, check out the CCell Palm.

3 thoughts on “PCKT One 510 Vape Pen for THC Oil Cartridges”

  1. I drilled out my PCKT One to take CCell cartridges. I got a PCKT One as a gift. Went to my local dispensary and got a Select-brand cartridge. The Select is a CCell, and it did not fit into the PCKT. Because the PCKT seems to be heavy aluminum, I took a chance that I could remove some wall thickness and not destroy the unit. My original hole was 10.48mm, and I used a 27/64 inch drill bit to open it to 10.68mm. The CCell drops right in with some clearance. This is probably not recommended, but it worked for me. If you try this, carefully measure the depth of the PCKT hole and wrap tape around your drill bit so you stop before it hits the vapor nozzle, be sure to clean out all the scraps of aluminum.

  2. PCKT One Plus is being released early January 2019. It accepts CCell and larger diameter cartridges without adapter. Looking forward to it. I love the PCKT One, but was disappointed CCell and wider 510 carts didn’t fit without adapter.

    Hope you review it.


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