Ralph is at it again! As his famous Tubo Evic vape project comes to a bittersweet end, Ralph reminds us that there are a lot of great ways to vape weed – and here’s another new one.

The PIRO is perhaps the simplest herb vaporizer on the market capable of satisfying modern-day vape expectations.

Butane powered dry herb vapes are great because they offer a full range of extraction powers without any actual settings. It’s all about the technique!

The PIRO is $42!!!

The PIRO is no different, it can squeeze out a bowl in one or two great big hits, or it can chooch on the same bowl for 15 smaller hits for Bambi-lungs.

Piro dry herb vape - butane powered

What makes the PIRO different, other than its blatant simplicity, is the more obvious method of controlling the vapor temperature, or intensity of the extraction.

vape temp guide for Piro
The curved flame intake of the PIRO helps provide a range of vapor intensities and vape temperatures

The PIRO uses an arcing flame intake, which gives the user a general guideline and a starting point for their torch.

The PIRO excels at mid-temp extractions. It’s harder to extract extremely quickly with the PIRO, and therefore also harder to combust with the PIRO.

Combustion is certainly possible though, I promise. :)

I really like using the PIRO with the J-hook, I’m using the J-hook from ModPod Labs. They sell a glass-nippled version that would be AWESOME with the Piro vaporizer.

The PIRO is available from Lamart.ch, starting at $42.