Pucc Grinder Review

The Pucc Grinder is a thread-less weed grinder that’s less than fifty bucks!

The Pucc is a perfectly compact 2.1″ – small enough to be considered small, but big enough to stay on a desk and serve its purpose.

Over the years I’ve developed a set of criteria for testing and comparing weed grinders. I go over the testing and judging methods here.

The Pucc Grinder

Grind Consistency

The Pucc does an adequate and acceptable job at grinding your nugs. When the Pucc grinder is clean and fresh, even the stickiest buds are no match for the sharp teeth. As the Pucc grinder gets caked with grinder hash and gummed up nugs, the grind consistency suffers a bit, but it’s only noticeable with moist and sticky weed.

If your cannabis flowers are dry and less sticky, the Pucc grinder will pulverize them and the grind consistency will be more powdery, but the Pucc grinder won’t have any issue with dry nugs.

While the Brilliant Cut and Santa Cruz Shredder both deliver a better grind consistency than the Pucc, I’ve found no complaints with the Pucc’s grind consistency.

Pucc Grinder - Weed Grind Consistency

How Frequently does the Pucc need to be cleaned?

This is an important criteria for me. I want my grinders to be reliable regardless of excuses. Grinders that need to be babied and cleaned every ounce aren’t for me – and the Pucc isn’t one of those grinders!

I’ve pushed 5 ounces through my Pucc Grinder already and it’s not showing any signs of failure.

I would feel comfortable committing to using the Pucc grinder for 12 months straight without cleaning it.

That said, the Pucc will get gummed up and caked with grinder hash. This WILL affect performance, but it will not render the grinder useless.

While many grinders fail completely and will no longer turn, the Pucc grinds on.

Pucc Weed Grinder Review

What I Like about the Pucc Grinder

The Pucc is a SMALL grinder but the weed well is BIG! I feel comfortable carrying the Pucc grinder in my pocket with several grams already ground up inside.

The Pucc is 3 piece, which means all of the kief and trichome heads stay with my ground up weed and my vaped weed is more potent. This also means the grinder is simpler and smaller!

No corny logo or print. I know brands gotta brand… but damn. Pucc is the real MVP here.

Great fidgety-ness – the slight rumble strip style bumps along the top and bottom edges of the grinder are very pleasing to the fingers and even more amusing to spin like a top. The grinder makes a whirring sound that is sure to drive your cubicle neighbors nuts – unless you get them high.

Pucc Grinder vs Brilliant Cut

The Brilliant Cut is my #1 go-to grinder and the Pucc tries hard to compete.

Both the Pucc and the Brilliant Cut are thread-less designs, each utilizing a different implementation.

At $25 less than the Brilliant Cut, the Pucc is less smooth and luxurious to use. The Pucc will require more muscle to grind while the Brilliant Cut turns freely with a single finger and can be opened one-handed.

The Pucc is shorter in height and slightly more narrow in diameter than the Brilliant cut. The Pucc feels nicer and less out-of-place while in a front pants pocket.

Both the Pucc and the Brilliant Cut grinders have large weed wells and will hold a couple grams worth of ground cannabis.

Brilliant Cut Grinder vs Pucc Grinder

The Pucc is 48.99

The Brilliant Cut is $75