The Autopot system is a gravity-fed watering system made in a variety of sizes and varieties, for all sorts of planting and growing purposes.

When used with coco coir and perlite, the Autopot system becomes a super simple and super effective hydroponic growing system for at-home marijuana growing!

I’m using the 4-pot Autopot system with Airdomes and an air pump to oxygenate the roots and water. I purchased everything from Amazon for a little over $220. There’s a full list of products and links down below.

The Autopot system gives plants a huge advantage over normal growing and watering methods. With the Autopots, my cannabis plants have access to as much water and nutrients as they want or need.

There’s no risk of over-watering or underwatering and the constant access to food and water produce healthy plants and massive yields

How AutoPots Work

The Autopot system uses a central water reservoir and each Autopot Planter has its own direct connection. The Autopot system can be as simple as a single plant or scale up easily to cover a grow room with dozens or even hundreds of plants.

Each plant has its own valve and wicking base. The bases of the planters will hold about an inch of water before the float valve lifts up high enough to disable the flow of new water.

The plant sends roots to the base of the planter and each plant has constant access to the water in the base.

Autopots can be used with soil or hydroponic growing media.

The Autopot hydroponic system can scale up very easily

Autopots With Airdomes – Are Airdomes Worth It?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Air Domes and if they’re required with the Autopot system. They’re not required; however, I’ve seen a few videos with side-by-side growth comparing Airdomes vs without Airdomes and the Airdomes always came out on top.

Adding Airdomes to the Autopot system can add a lot of positives to your marijuana grow. Pumping air into the base of the Autopot will oxygenate the water and provide more air to the roots.

I used a cheap aquarium pump with 4 air hose attachments

This is what the Airdome and Autopot root mass will look like after a successful marijuana grow

Yield with the Mars Hydro TS-3000 and Autopot System

My first grow with the Autopots and 4 plants put out exactly one pound of pretty good weed! I lost a few big colas to bud rot, but that was my fault – not the Autopots. I’ve been very happy with the Autopot system and have since used it for 3 more grows.

Autopots with Autoflowers

I’ve done two grows with the Autopots using auto-flowering cannabis and my results were not very encouraging. My autoflower yields were high with the first attempt, but the flower was terrible in both taste and nug structure. 28 ounces of trash weed. My 2nd attempt used Mephisto Genetics to improve my chances of getting better herb and eliminate bad genetics as a culprit. Taste and quality of the nugs were much better, but yields were low. Autoflowers have a shorter lifespan and they’re more challenging for Autopots.

I will use Autopots again for photo-period cannabis, but I won’t use Autopots for autoflowers.

Other Equipment Used in my first grow

Mars Hydro 5×5 Grow Tent
Mars Hydro TS 3000 LED Grow Light
AC Infinity Cloudline T6 fan with speed controller & temp/humidity
Growers Choice Seeds (Super Silver Haze, White Widow, Green Crack)
General Hydroponics Nutrients
Autopot 4-pot hydroponic system
Seedling Hot Pad / Dome

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