This is an interesting weed grinder from Cloudious9, the same company that brought us the crazy vape with the built in bubbler. This time Cloudious has combined a grinder with a vibrator and a windowed-weed-dispenser!

The Tectonic9 grinder is micro-usb powered, but the grinder itself is still an old-fashioned aluminum tooth weed grinder. The power is used to vibrate and the vibrations are used to shake and pour your ground up marijuana from the grinder into your bowl or vaporizer.

The Tectonic9 is $59 directly from the Cloudious9 website or Amazon (with 145 ratings and 4-star reputation)

Tectonic9 Weed Grinder next to Brilliant Cut Grinder
The Tectonic9 grinder is considerably larger than the Brilliant Cut grinder

About the Grind and Weed Grinding Experience

This is where push comes to shove. The grinder itself is the Tectonic9’s biggest shortcoming.

I found the teeth and grinding apparatus of the Tectonic9 to get jammed up and require cleaning far too frequently. After grinding my first 5-8 grams of California top-shelf legal cannabis, the teeth and top rim of the grinder was so gummed up and gunked with grinder hash that I could barely turn the lid.

Tectonic9 Grinder teeth dirty and jammed
This is too gunked up to use. After less than a half ounce of cannabis, this grinder is borderline useless.

The grind consistency itself seems OK. It’s on the finer side and I typically prefer a medium grind, but I don’t have any issues with the actual grind consistency of the Tectonic9. I only have issues with how frequently this grinder needs to be cleaned and how poorly it functions while dirty.

About the Vibrating Weed Dispenser

This looked and felt really gimmicky when I saw it online, but after trying it I think it’s actually pretty helpful.

When you push the button to activate the Tectonic9, the light comes on and the vibrating motor starts making your ground herb flow around the grinder like molten lava.

Tectonic9 Grinder button and charger

The grinder has a window and I like watching my weed flow around and work its way into the dispenser. Sometimes it takes an extra shake or jostle to get the action started, but it’s pretty straightforward.

The nozzle and door interface could certainly be improved, but overall they function nicely. The amount of spilled weed due to door mishaps is still likely lower than the amount of spilled weed due to old-school grinders and my finger pinching methods.

Do I Recommend the Tectonic9 Grinder?

Not really.

It’s neat, and it does work, but I think more improvements need to be made to the grinder itself.

Weed grinders are a crucial element in my marijuana ritual and it is important to me that my weed grinder NEVER FAILS.

Grinders like the Brilliant Cut and Santa Cruz Shredder can grind through ounce after ounce after ounce and never require maintenance. They set the bar really high for weed grinders.

Learn more about my weed grinder reviewing and testing criteria.