UPDATE: 3/7/2020
The RIO has been my #1 choice for dabbing for the last 10 months. I prefer it over traditional rigs and ALL of my electronic dab rigs.
The RIO has been updated and improved several times, including the Rio Makeover which launched February 2020. See my Rio Makeover review or just go buy a Rio already.

The Rio is an all-in-one dab rig with a built-in butane torch. The Rio is designed and configured for cold-start dabs, a dabbing method where the dab is loaded into the banger at room temperature. The built-in butane torch is aligned perfectly beneath the Rio’s quartz banger.

A cold start dab with the Rio uses 12-20 seconds of butane and requires no complicated timing like a traditional dab rig.

The Rio – By Stache Products

The $220 Rio comes with a quartz banger, torch, water-tight plugs, carb cap, dab tool, and a nice semi-hard case to bundle it all up and carry it with you. This portable dab rig avoids the use of coils and relies on the traditional and much-respected butane torch. The torch is mounted into an acrylic resign base that aligns the torch flame directly under the quartz banger. This brilliant union of bong, banger, and torch creates a one-handed portable dab rig capable of delivering desktop rig style dabs.

Rio - Cold Start Dab Rig with built in torch
The Rio – By Stache Products. Dab Rig with torch attached

How to Cold Start Dab with the Rio

Load your dab into the quartz banger. The Rio comes with a core-style banger, with a thick ‘core’ of solid quartz centered in the bottom. Your dab needs to be on the bottom of the banger or on the side of the core. Do NOT put your dab on top of the core.

With your dab loaded, carb cap optional, give the gas knob a twist to turn on the torch and click the igniter to start the flame. Adjust the flame to an appropriate level of intensity – hot and pointy without being wasteful.

You can choose to count if you’d like, but it’s just as easy to go by look. Your dab will melt and start to bubble and produce vapor.

If you have a larger dab or prefer a hotter dab – leave the torch heating as you start your first inhale.

If your dab is small or you prefer low temp dabbing, turn the torch off sooner. You can always add more heat if needed!

Give the carb cap a few twists while inhaling to swirl your dab around the banger and help distribute the oil to a larger surface area. This will produce more vapor and improve the flavor and intensity of your dab.

I also like to put my finger over the hole on the carb cap to briefly create a vacuum effect. Lowering the pressure in your dab rig will actually lower the boiling point of the oil and cause an increase in vaporization. SCIENCE!

Is the RIO Worth It?

The Rio has become my primary dab rig, both for at-home dabs and travel. The savings in butane are amazing, but the dabs are really what win me over. The RIO – Rig In One delivers the most perfect dabs at the fastest speeds possible.

The RIO delivers better dabs, and a better value than the Puffco Peak, the Kandypens Oura, Focus Carta, and Dr. Dabber Switch. It’s my favorite dab rig.

In terms of portable dabs, the Rio is a fantastic value and a champion of the dab. It comes with everything you need to start dabbing, minus the actual dabs.

The quality of the dab is as good or better than any other cold-start dab rig. For $220, the Rio is a great deal!

Compared to the Focus Carta ($250) and the Puffco Peak ($379), the Rio delivers a true torched quartz dab. It’s unmatched in terms of power and flavor.