Cannabis concentrates are great way to get high with cannabis, but most methods of production involve dangerous chemicals acting as a solvent.

Plus who REALLY knows how much butane is actually leftover in that $30 gram?

Solvent-less Dabs are cannabis concentrates that are made without any additional chemicals or processing. A “Rosin Press” is used to smoosh raw cannabis nugs or plant matter and squeeze out dabbable / smokable concentrates free of butane or any other solvent.

Rosinbomb Rocket – Personal Sized Rosin Press

I’ve been using the Rosinbomb Rocket Rosin Press ($599 at Namaste)for about a month or two now. In this video, I use the small rosin press to squish nugs and eighths using rosin press bags and the ‘bottle-tech’ technique.

Squishing Nugs with the ROCKET Rosin Press from Rosinbomb

The Rosinbomb Rocket is a small rosin press. It’s only 10″ tall! I start out the video by squishing a whole nug of cannabis. The size of this rosin press is perfect for pressing nugs into rosin.

I’ve learned that the large nugs aren’t the greatest for pressing in nug form. There’s too much body, which spreads the force over a larger footprint and weakens the pressure while providing more material for the liquid rosins to wick into. If you want to squish large nugs in your rosin press – pre-press them into a small ball using your fingers first.

The RosinBomb Rocket press plates are roughly 3″ x 3″ – which is an ideal size for pressing nugs as well as pucks or bags.

How to use a rosin press to squish nugs into rosin
1. Fold the parchment paper in half and insert into the jaws of the press.
2. Place nug between the paper and align towards the center of the rosin press plates
3. Push the UP button on the rosin press to close the plates and squish the nug. Keep your fingers clear.
4. After 60-300 seconds, depending on temp and preferences, push the DOWN button to open the rosin press and release your fresh dabs

Using Rosin Press Bags to Squish Eighths

In the 2nd half of the video, I press two separate eighths using filter bags that I purchased on Amazon. The bags used in the video are 2″ wide, which I think may be a bit too wide for this little rosin press. Although the 16% yields I get in the video are fine, I’ve since improved my yields by using a slightly smaller bag.

Bottle-Tech vs Flat Bag vs Nugs

The purpose of bottle-tech method is to reduce the footprint of the material under pressure, which maximizes the pressure being applied onto the bag. To achieve the highest yield possible with the small plates of the Rosinbomb Rocket, bottle-tech is pretty much a must… Or so I’m told.

I’ve compared the 2×4″ bags bottle-tech vs flat filled with 3.5g of the same strain, same size nugs. Bottle-tech produced more rosin in my ONE experiment. The difference in output was only .13ish, but that’s a dab’s worth. Bottle-tech loading takes considerably longer though.

Bottle-Tech rosin bag ready for rosin press

1.85g stuffed into a 1.25″ rosin bag. Bottle-Tech

I still need to test and compare Flat-bag with the smaller 1.25″ press bags. I will continue to test and compare different rosin tech methods and techniques with this rosin press and review it soon.

The Rosinbomb Rocket is available at Namaste Vaporizers for $599