Volcano Hybrid Health Issue? Storz & Bickel User Manual Updates

Planet of the Vapes delivered a curious email this morning regarding the Volcano Hybrid.

An email addressed ONLY to users who have previously purchased the Volcano Hybrid.

The entire email is included below for reference, as is the updated pages of the manual. PotV included the important parts directly in their email, verbatim.

Why So many Wipe Downs?

The changes mention wiping down the filling chamber AND the heating element with the damp cloth before each use.

I q-tipped my heating element and chamber ring and noticed metal dust.

I thoroughly cleaned the ring on the bottom of my chamber and the heating ring on the Volcano to double-check; however, after just a few tightenings and loosenings of the chamber, my q-tip turned dark with a fresh layer of aluminum dust.

metal dust from volcano hybrid heating element

I’m looking forward to an update from Storz & Bickel regarding this unknown residue. In the meantime – it looks like metal-dust to me and that shit should not be near my weed vapes.

Email from Planet of the Vapes

Thank you for purchasing your Volcano Hybrid from Planet of the Vapes. At Storz & Bickel’s request, we are sharing updated instructions and an Addendum sheet via this email. You can download the PDF’s here and here. The updated sections address how to attach the Filling Chamber to the Hybrid, and can be found on pages 77 – 78, and the Addendum sheet.

The old manual instructed us to attach the Filling Chamber by turning it “clockwise as far as it will go.”

The new manual states “When screwing the Filling Chamber onto the VOLCANO HYBRID, please make sure not to apply too much pressure and not to over-tighten the threads. Otherwise, the device could be damaged and introduce health risks to the user.”

Clean Before Every Use

Additional instructions for cleaning are also included.  “As recommended in section 7.8 of the Instructions for Use, the Filling Chamber is to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. In addition, please use a damp cloth, not dripping wet, and soaked only in water to wipe over the parts of the Filling Chamber. This will remove leftover residue, dust or particles which could potentially enter the airstream.

Clean the Filling Chamber like this before every use.”Please follow these updated instructions when using your Volcano Hybrid.

8 thoughts on “Volcano Hybrid Health Issue? Storz & Bickel User Manual Updates”

  1. Mine was the same when I first got it, soon went away though.

    It looks like copper slip only aluminium coloured.

    I was assuming it was lubricant residue from the manufacturing process.

    What do you think.

  2. WTF. Alarming to say three least. I bought my first volcano two months back. Sure glad it’s the classic.
    I told my wife in November the hybrid was Stortzs shot at a much bigger profit margin and likely to be designed with margin as the top priority. Same with easy valve trying to make Alot more on bags too.

    This thing literally made me and my cousins chest fell like shit and gave massive headaches. I pay 650 for this device to just sit on my desk. I used it yesterday and after feeling so sick I looked I checked out all the fuss and this is awful.This isn’t good enough. Very disappointed with planet of capes and S and B

  4. Very upsetting:
    2 day’s ago S&B agreed to a refund which I didn’t see.
    This morning I received a notification that A new Volcano hybrid was on my way with USPS from Germany arriving the 21-01-2020.
    After 20 calls in Germany I managed to talk with a lady that was very understanding and said that it was a mistake probably.
    At moment I spent 10€ of extra on my mobile bill for get a good communication because by mail it been impossible and just received standardised answers(like new chamber and more.. probably you know..)and spend 40€ because due to me for sending back my volcano olso I’m out of 600€ and not volcano!
    Right now calling legalitas to see if I can get them to do things properly.
    Will take my time because right now is becoming personal

    Just preparing a email with my lawyer where Im asking a ligal receipt o a pruve of refund and ligaly making sure that I don’t Agree with the solution they provided me olso not accepting hybrid if send to me.
    My experience is: stay away from S&B they are trying to be smart but they’re not.

    Will give a copy of the mail to anyone that like to do the same by pm

  5. Hi Troy. I am a Storz and bickel fan, I have a classic and had it since early 2000’s and never had any problems with it, and regularly used a Crafty and was considering buying the new model hybrid. But after seeing the article you posted on YouTube. Am concerned have you had any news regarding the Dust and the burning plastic. Thank you for your help in this matter. Geoff


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