What's Next?
« on: May 16, 2018, 10:51:02 AM »
I've been vaping flower since around Feb. of this year.  Tony convinced me to buy the Mighty.  After my first sesh never had the desire to combust again. 
Since then I have also picked up a hand full of Dynavaps.

I love having these two very different systems.  I wouldn't want to give up either. 

I wish there were a place I could go that I could try all of the top regarded systems so I could pick the ones I want in my arsenal.  I'm thinking there is that place and it's Tony's house.  Since I'm not being invited over for dinner any time soon his vids will have to suffice. 

I want to try another system. 
I have only vaped flower.  I don't plan to go to concentrates.
I do not have the need to conceal the device.
I use a bong only infrequently.  I have two water tools I can use but since I don't use them often not having that ability is not a deal breaker.
I do not have a budget ceiling.
I do not like things that have a large learning curve to use correctly.
I do like pretty.
I am a heavy user.
I prefer busty over flat.

Devices that have intrigued me are the Solo 2, EDs Log Vape, and the milaana 2. 


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Re: What's Next?
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I think the Milaana or the Splinter is in your future