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How to vape indoors without getting caught

Does vaping weed smell? Yes! Vaping cannabis absolutely has a distinct odor; however, vaporizer odor is very different from and far less obnoxious than marijuana smoke.

Fortunately, people have a pretty weak sense of smell, and there are some pretty simple tricks to give you the best chance of not getting caught.

You will need the Following


Back in the day we used to grab empty toilet paper roll, fill the inside with dryer sheets, and use a rubber band to covering one side with a dryer sheet. Blow the vapor through this makeshift filter to make the room smell like fresh laundry instead of a Cypress Hill concert.

If you want something less suspicious looking than the toilet paper roll covered in a dryer sheet, the smoke buddy is for you.


Lighting a candle is a must. Not just a Rite Aide candle (I made that mistake) they’re just not pungent enough. You need to go to that store girls shop at. The one at the mall that sells soaps, lotions, and candles. Girls pay $25 for one freaking candle!!!! Luckily they do buy one get one free sales or 2 for $15. I have found great success with the brand White Barn specifically the scent Cinnamon spiced vanilla (smells like donuts)

Eliminate The Odor

One of the simplest and obvious solutions is to not just mask the smell but to outright eliminate it. Over the years I’ve used all kinds of sprays to eliminate the sacred wake & bake sessions. For me personally I preferred Febreeze. I’ll spray my room after a morning sesh, and when I return home from working a full shift my room will still smell like Febreeze. A good portion of the community members in /r/vaporents suggest using Ozium. Ozium is well known for their ability to eliminate odors. Just try not to breath any of these chemicals in, I like to just spray them as I’m leaving a room.


Open your window and blow the vapor outside. The more windows that you can open the better.

Contain the Vapor

You can toss a towel under your door to make sure no vapor smell escapes your room. Don’t know how your room is setup, I don’t need to do this in mine.

Caught Red Handed

Have you ever stashed your weed and vape in your room and gone on a trip? You will come back to a room that smells like a Bob Marley concert. A very easy and inexpensive solution is to stash your weed in a smell-proof bag or jar. While storing your vape in a smell-proof case. One of the most popular cases I’ve seen for vapes is the Pelican case.

Once your weed and vape is securely the only thing left that can give away the fact that you vaped weed is you! If your eyes tend to get glassy my optometrist highly, highly advised against using Visine every day. She suggested I switch to the much more expensive Refresh eyedrops. Turns out when you spend $18 on eyedrops you never lose them!

Next on the list is your breath. If you’re home brush your teeth and use some mouthwash. If you’re not home those Listerine breath strips do a fantastic job.

I learned this trick from a female friend of mine. If you’re ever worried about smelling like weed and can’t shower simply grab lotion. Make sure it’s scented, doesn’t have to smell like flowers just something, and place some on your neck, arms, and ears. Toss a couple sprays of cologne and you should be good to go.

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