The new and improved Vivant Alternate top cap is made from PAES thermoset plastic and features a food-grade stainless steel ring.

Today Vivant published a statement regarding their faulty mouthpieces. You can read the full thing here

Cliff’s notes version:

Vivant cares. They figured out why some caps were failing and now they’ve fixed it.

The upgraded mouthpieces are made of PAES (Polyarylethersulfone.

According to Nation Wide Plastics, “Polyarylethersulfone PAES (also known as Polyphenylsulfone or PPSU) withstands virtually unlimited steam sterilizability, outlasting other materials by a factor of 40:1. This factor makes it an excellent choice for medical devices which are constantly subjected to sterilization in steam autoclaves. Polyarylethersulfone (PAES) also resists common acids and bases, including commercial washing solutions, over a broad temperature range. Its heat deflection temperature of 400°F (205°C) makes it suitable for use in electronic assembly equipment and devices that must withstand solder temperatures. ”
In addition to the upgraded plastic, the ring around the screen has been upgraded to food grade stainless steel.

The silicon flap and all the little screws and … things from inside the cooling unit are gone as well.

Vivant has also released the MSDS for the materials used. I believe this is the first time any manufacturer has actually shared this information.

With these new upgrades, this vape is seriously a beast. At $110 after coupon (PUFFEDUP), this vape is a fantastic value.Vivant Alternate

Old piece on the left, new on the right. Gone are the screws, flaps, knick-knack paddy whacks, etc.