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Does The Smoke Buddy Work?

A while back I wrote a guide for people looking to vape indoors without getting caught. I received a ton of feedback about it, the majority of which suggested getting a smoke Buddy and ozium would be enough to never get caught. On my most recent snowboarding trip to Mammoth Mountain I decided to take a brand new Smoke Buddy with me, and run a half-ounce through it.

TLDR; If you don’t feel like reading the entire guide, here’s my conclusion. Yes, the Smoke Buddy absolutely does work at dramatically reducing the smell of vaped AND smoked cannabis. However, read the “Does The Smoke Buddy Work For Weed” section to see the shortfall of the Smoke Buddy in regards to combusting cannabis.

Does The Smokebuddy Work For Weed?

I wanted to be as thorough and detailed as possible when testing the Smoke Buddy. For that reason my friend and I combusted a good amount of weed through my new bubbler, to see how the Smoke Buddy handles smoked cannabis AND vaped cannabis. In conclusion, yes the Smoke Buddy greatly cut down on the smell from combusting weed. However, there was some smoke that would escape the bowl after combusting which would dissipate into the room. That smoke was 100% unfiltered and thus stunk up the room.

Does The Smoke Buddy Work For Vape?

Believe it or not vaping weed DOES smell, albeit nowhere near as much as combusting does! We tested the smoke buddy with a few different vaporizers to see how it held up. The vapes used were: the Mighty, SWIFT, and IQ. I would confidently say that the Smoke Buddy absolutely does work for vaporizing weed. It works well with conduction vaporizers (IQ) and convection vaporizers (Mighty/SWIFT).

Closing Thoughts

If you’re worried about leaving as little evidence behind after enjoying cannabis. I would highly recommend getting a Smoke Buddy and using it with a weed vaporizer. Whatever little smell there is left can be easily eliminated using Febreeze or Ozium. The Smoke Buddy was not as effective at eliminating the smell of combusted cannabis. The reason for this was because of the little traces of smoke that sparking a bowl emits.

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