7th Floor ELEV8R Review – Dry Herb + Concentrate Vape

I reviewed this nearly a year ago on youtube, but youtube doesn’t like weed vape reviews anymore.

The 7th Floor Elev8r is a torch-heated vape. Its raw convection power rips through dabs and dry herb like no other dry herb vape on the market.

The ELEV8R comes with both hand-held and water pipe capabilities. The quartz tip is heated with a torch and becomes an instant convection heater as the user draws air through it.

What I LOVE about the 7th Floor Elev8r

The ELEV8R is a wonderful dabbing device. I use the ELEV8r primarily with the water pipe adapter and the concentrate pad. Since the Elev8r is pure convection, the experience of the dab is very different. The vapor is incredibly fluffy and smooth while the flavor is through the roof.

Maintaining the ELEV8r isn’t too bad. The concentrate pad can be torched for 30 seconds and it will be brand new again. The wand is the most difficult to clean, but it’s all glass. Isopropyl alcohol makes cleaning the ELEV8R wand and WPA very easy.

This sounds weird, but hear me out. The ELEV8R produces the cleanest, purest reclaim I’ve ever seen. The pure convection dab means there’s no oil burning on hot-ass surfaces. The concentrate pad is a sponge – oil and hot air pass through it. Sometimes oil splashes through the pad and onto the walls of the bowl. Wait until its nearly dripping out of the joint and harvest it.
It’s dabbable and surprisingly delicious.

What I don’t like

The glob limit. Big dabs are a no-no with the Elev8r. Anything larger than 2 grains of rice is going to turn into reclaim. The dab will be delicious, but you can literally watch your dab turn into reclaim in the WPA.

Lack of tongs – test tube tongs are the perfect tool for this gadget. The Elev8r doesn’t come with a tool to remove the heater. The special clip they include can sort of be used to remove the clip, but it’s just not reliable enough.

Last Words

I like the ELEV8R a lot. It’s incredibly powerful and relatively straightforward. As a dry herb vape the Elev8r is agile – capable of freight train hits or precious princess puffs. As a dab-rig the Elev8r is fast, easy, and unique. The Elev8r is one of my favorite ways to dab.