Boundless CF Software Update

The Boundless CF is one of our favorite vapes, and the guys at Boundless just gave it some upgrades! The added features will definitely improve user experience.

Memory Function

The CF will now remember exactly what heat temp your last session ended on. This should definitely help cut down on the unnecessary clicks.

Battery Indicator

The Boundless CF

Prior to the battery indicator function we had to wing it. Hoping there was still enough battery juice left for one more quick session before Aunt Tina’s big speech at the wedding.

With 3 quick clicks the lights indicating the heat settings will change to reflect how much battery life there is remaining.

Change Temps

Changing temps just got easier. Previously one had hold the button as the temp settings rose. With this new change one can simply double click the button to easily change temps.

CF Button & LEDs

Stealth Mode

The CF’s LED is pretty bright. Although normally a good thing, we now have the option of using the CF without any lights giving away your location. Simply hold the button down for 3 seconds and continue to enjoy your session.

Boundless CF Trade-In/Upgrade Program

Boundless is offering a $50 trade-in program for current CF owners. CF owners residing in the US can trade in their old CF for a new one for $50 and the cost of shipping. That’s pretty damned cool. Just email Eric to get your trade-in started.

/u/whatitdew: Is this $50 CF update worldwide or do non-US residents have to pay extra shipping costs??

As of right now this is for the US only unless you are willing to pay for shipping, my apologies. -Boundless

/u/FatFreddy: Have you determined the logistics of the upgrade/trade-in process yet?

Please Email me at to get the trade-in process started. Shipping costs have the potential to hurt us pretty badly so we are asking that if you pay for postage to us, we will pay for postage for sending the new unit out. -Boundless

The full thread can be found on Fuck Combustion

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