After doing both of the Boundless CF / CFX screen mods, I realized that the screen INSIDE the mouthpiece assembly does a great job of catching reclaim. And with the bucket screen in place, the reclaim on the internal screen stays incredibly clean.

This is my screen after about a week of HEAVY use. Most of the goo is on the screen, but  I was able to scrape about a dabs worth from the inside of the mouthpiece assembly.

honey / reclaim on the screen of a Boundless CF Vaporizer

If you’re not familiar, this honey-like goo that gradually collects in the mouthpiece of most vapes is essentially cannabis concentrate. It can be harvested and consumed in a number of ways.

The first couple of times I harvested the reclaim with a little pick and just dabbed it on a nail, but tonight I slid it into the CFX chamber (sideways) along with some freshly ground  – AND IT WAS AMAZING.

The sandwiching concentrates between layers of bud is not a new thing.

But with the screen mods in place, the internal screen serves double duty. It’s a reclaim trap AND its a vaporizing method. Skip the picking, skip the ISO evaporation, and skip the blow torch.

Here’s the ABV/AVB shot with the screen. Everything is dry, even the screen. Nothing sticky remains.

with screen

It’s harder to tell in the scan – but the screen is clean and free from any reclaim honey. It all vaped off in two 5-minute sessions at 370 and I am super fucking high. I don’t think I would consume any of my purchased wax this way – but this reclaim is like free dabs once a week.

The Boundless CF and CFX just got even better!