Unfounded Raid on Care By Design


On June 15, 2016 in Santa Rosa, California a massive 100 officer raid was conducted on one of the most well known cannabis extract companies: Care By Design (makers of Absolute Xtracts). The raid is said to have occurred as a result of a disgruntled former employee telling authorities that Care By Design (CBD) utilizes butane in their extraction process.

Authorities initially arrested CBD co-founder Dennis Franklin Hunter, and set his bail to 5 million dollars. In addition to seizing cash, equipment, and paperwork. Authorities did NOT find butane in CBD’s extraction process.

Mounting public pressure and CBD’s track record of working closely with Santa Rosa and Sonoma County officials prompted the DEA to drop all charges against Mr. Hunter.

As this great nation moves towards abolishing the failed prohibition of cannabis, we begin to see the emergence of a brand new industry take root before our eyes. Unfortunately this transition from blackmarket to main street doesn’t happen smoothly.

If you would like to show your support for CBD, this sample letter is available on their website:

This week Santa Rosa and Sonoma County law enforcement and the DEA (Federal Drug Enforcement Administration) closed down the facilities of CBD Guild, Care By Design and AbsoluteXtracts, medical marijuana companies operating in full compliance with California State Law.

I am one of tens of thousands of patients that use a medical marijuana product made at those facilities. I use it for a medical condition at the recommendation of my doctor. I use it because CBD Guild’s products are safely extracted, consistently formulated, lab tested, clearly labeled, and effective.

This law enforcement action deprives patients like me of access to medical marijuana that is produced with exceptional attention to patient and community safety. This action also threatens the livelihood and employment of hundreds of Sonoma County residents.

Please allow CBD Guild operations to resume immediately, and restore patient access to their medicines.”