BuyLegalMeds CBD Flower Review (CBD Hemp Nugs)

CBD Flower is exciting and is quickly becoming the preferred CBD consumption method by many.

CBD nugs contain little-to-no THC, so the “high” isn’t intoxicating – and they’re completely legal in all 50 states!

CBD Flower Review Video

In this video I share my experience with CBD flower from and demonstrate the calming effects. I share the review experience with the team from Boundless Technology and we all share and compare our experience.

BuyLegalMeds is one of the largest and most popular CBD dispensaries online, with several physical locations in Las Vegas. They’re most well known for their Cloud9 CBD syrup, which is one of the best CBD products I’ve ever tasted.

BuyLegalMeds CBD Brands

CBD Flower / Nugs from
3.5g of CBD Flower from BuyLegalMeds
The CBD flower from BuyLegalMeds is from CloudN9ne. All of these brands are owned by Joe Vargas, the Don of CBD. Joe started his business in his Father’s kitchen and has dominated the CBD industry ever since. The CloudN9ne CBD syrup is the product that started it all.

CBD Nug Quality

CBD and Hemp flower looks and feels like typical marijuana nugs, just less sticky and drier. The nugs from BuyLegalMeds are nicer than most CBD nugs I’ve had. Each package contains 3.5 grams of CBD flower. If you buy an ounce, you will receive EIGHT individual 3.5g packages of CBD nugs. Each package will contain 3-5 nugs.

$10/g | $30/eighth | $100/half ounce | $150/ounce

I’ve purchased and consumed 3 ounces of CBD flower from Buy Legal Meds. Every package has been quality and I’ve never been disappointed.

Effects of CBD Flower

Everyone is affected differently and I didn’t want to fill this CBD flower review with one person’s opinion. In the review video I share the CBD nugs with my friends at Boundless Vapes. Everyone loved the CBD and the effects were relatively mutual. Some of us were more relaxed and less anxious than others.

Words used to describe the effects of CBD flower:
– relaxing
– calming
– body high
– feels like floating
– limitless

Flavor & Strains of CBD Flower

BuyLegalMeds grows a few varieties of CBD hemp flower. I’ve personally tried the Cherry Wine, Special Sauce, Wedding Cake, and Therapy Tea. While ALL OF THESE STRAINS were really nice, Cherry Wine was hands down the most preferred strain by everyone who tried them.

The effects of each CBD strain were pretty much the same. Myself and several others claim that the Special Sauce makes us sleepy.

Vaping vs Smoking CBD Flower

I’m a vape guy, obviously, so vaporizing the CBD flower is my immediate preference.
In the video we used an array of different dry herb vapes to consume the CBD weed. CBD vapes at a higher temp, so using a vaporizer that goes to 430F or higher is recommended.

In the video session, he TERA and the CFX from Boundless Technology were the favorite vapes for CBD flower. The Tera uses full convection and can really produce some massive clouds and achieve a full extraction.
The CFX and CF are great because the bowls are larger and the CBD effects seem to be stronger.

At home I find myself vaping CBD flower in all of my vaporizers, but with the smaller-bowl vapes often need to vape two bowls in a row to achieve my desired effects.

My Dynavap Vapcap is probably my most used CBD vape. I think the higher extraction temps of the butane torch can pull more CBD from the flower.

CBD Flower Lifestyle Changes

Going beyond the review of the actual product here…
CBD Flower has been quite the life change for me. I’ve drastically cut back on the amount of THC marijuana I’ve been consuming. I feel better throughout the day and I sleep great after vaping CBD!

Vaping CBD flower has also allowed me to lower my tolerance and increase my vape testing abilities! I can vape 10 bowls in a row and take notes of everything along the way without getting stoned out of my mind like I do in the videos.