On my quest to find the most amazing CBD hemp flower available, I’m currently awarding the crown to Cascadia Blooms. Cascadia sells hemp flower tops that are as dank and sticky as a high quality outdoor marijuana nug. These CBD nugs are rich in flavor and CBD while steering clear of delta-8 and delta-9 THC. Real talk – they don’t get you stoned, but they’re jam-packed with medicine.

I’ve been vaping CBD flower since November or December of 2018 and I’ve made three purchases of hemp nugs from Cascadia Blooms. Each order of CBD flower was for the three 1/4oz sampler pack. In the video review, I explain my entire experience with the Cascadia Blooms CBD flower and vape a bowl of each hemp strain.

Cascadia Blooms CBD Flower Review Video

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This is only my 2nd actual review of CBD flower, although I’ve tested and tried about a dozen different hemp farm and CBD dispensaries by now. I’m going to break the details up by the physical quality of the CBD nugs. This will include moisture and trichs and the overall look and feel of the nugs. I’ll also review each of the CBD strains I’ve tried from Cascadia. Each of the hemp strains tastes very different and I think it’s worth exploring those differences.

Quality of Cascadia Blooms CBD Flower

CBD Flower / hemp nug from Cascadia Blooms

Dank Nug of CBD Flower
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The first order of CBD flower I received was extremely nice. Each quarter ounce bag had at least two photo worthy nugs in it. All of the nugs were perfectly fresh. Squishy and sticky without being overly dry. The largest nug in the first order of hemp flower was 4g. There were several 3g nugs as well. The 2nd and 3rd orders weren’t as glorious, offering one or two nugs per bag that could pretty if needed. The 2nd and 3rd order also had more of the smaller nugs. Not small enough to complain about, but enough to wonder if they’re really all hemp tops. Overall I am still very pleased with the quality and consider it the best I have tried at this time. (6/6/2019)

Trichomes & Rosin
These CBD nugs are sticky! I pressed the Special Sauce in my rosin press and got nearly 30% yields of a delicious CBD rosin. The effects from dabbing this solvent-less CBD are wonderful and I will never buy CBD isolate again.

Special Sauce CBD Strain Review

The Special Sauce strain of CBD is a popular one. I’ve had this hemp strain from at least 5 different vendors now and they were all surprisingly similar! More consistent than Blue Dream!
Cascadia’s nugs of Special Sauce were far stickier and squishier than the rest. These nugs are darker and earthier, almost packing a purple punch vibe.

The tastes of the Special Sauce can vary from tart lemon-raspberry cheesecake to dirty old sock and pepper. To me, it tastes of Chinese food when I vape it at max temp. The fruitier and sweeter tastes come out at the lower temps.

I wouldn’t say this strain puts me to sleep – but napping after a bowl of Special Sauce is more likely than not.

Elektra CBD Review

The Elektra is really nice and one of my favorites. A few other CBD flower shops sold me Elektra, but none had the terpenes and mouthfeel that the Cascadia Blooms nugs offered.

These Elektra nugs were velvety soft and sticky but in a leafy fibrous way. At 69% humidity these CBD nugs will annihilate your cheap weed grinder. The vape is smoother than the rest and finishes with a cotton candy sweetness. Notes of berry and floral aromas mingle in the undertone of the vapor at lower temps.

I have been vaping Elektra during the day with no noticeable drowsiness.

Sour Space Candy

This has been my absolute favorite CBD strain from Cascadia. The Sour Space Candy is another popular CBD strain. These were the stickiest and stinkiest CBD nugs from the majority of my Cascadia orders.

Sour Space Candy has a really sativa-like gassy nose, but without that rocket fuel vibe. There are sweeter tastes along with the lemony sours but hard to define with words. Sort of limey, sort of like a Capri Sun EctoCooler.

This strain seems to vape longer than the Elektra and the Special Sauce, but maybe I just like some of those higher temp flavors with this strain.

I’m tempted to buy this strain by the pound…

Is Cascadia Blooms the BEST CBD Flower Available?

It’s too soon to determine that, but I will keep exploring and testing different CBD flower farms and sellers in an effort to find the best CBD nugs around.

So far I’ve tested more than a handful of hemp flowers including Buy Legal Meds, Tweedle Farms, Cream City Hemp,

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