Davinci has been making dry herb vaporizers for many years and the IQ has been one of the best ultraportable weed vapes since it came out two years ago. The Miqro has inherited many of the same great features in 33% smaller vaporizer, but the size isn’t the only thing the Miqro left behind.

What’s the Difference? In short, the Miqro is literally the wimpier little brother of the IQ. While the Miqro itself is a perfectly capable dry herb vape, its small battery and slower extraction are best suited for microdosers and casual cannabis users. Daily smokers will likely be much more satisfied by the IQ.

Davinci Miqro $149 18350 battery, Extended Mouthpiece, USB Cable 5 year warranty
Miqro Explorer Edition $199 Two 18350 batteries, battery tube, Davinci keychain, grinder card, vape case, Extended Mouthpiece, USB Cable 5 year
Davinci IQ $275 18650 battery, nug keychain, glass spacers, vape case, usb cable, davinci keychain, extended mouthpiece, cleaning wipes 10 year

IQ vs Miqro: Difference in Vapor

Davinci IQ vs Davinci Miqro Vape Comparison

The Davinci MiQro (Left) and the Davinci IQ

Both of these vaporizers use 100% conduction heating. The herb chambers are made with stain-resistant ceramic and heated evenly. At first puff, the vapor from the IQ and the Miqro are very similar. Both produce some of the tastiest conduction vapor around.

However, when pushing each vape to its limit, the Miqro reveals its softer side.

The IQ holds more cannabis in the bowl and will heat it more thoroughly, producing a rich and dense vapor pull after pull – even if you’re sharing in a circle.

The Miqro holds less and will struggle to keep up if you’re hitting it too hard or too frequently. The Miqro works best with smaller hits and mouth-to-lung technique. Long hard hits will overpower the Miqro and you’ll get thin and whispy vapor and a slower extraction.

This is NOT just about bowl size though. Using the IQ with the included bowl spacers will provide a quicker and more potent vapor than the Miqro is capable of.

MiQro vs IQ: Which Vape is Right for You?

I vape weed all day everyday and the Miqro is not for me. The Miqro leaves me less than satisfied. The Miqro is more geared towards casual cannabis users and micro-dosing marijuana. It uses a small bowl and it often takes several Miqro sessions to fully vaporize its full load.

The IQ is more hardcore and will get you and your friends higher, quicker – even off the same amount of weed.

In my professional opinion, the IQ for 275 is a much better value and much less likely to disappoint. The Miqro is cool and it’s really well made and it works perfectly – it’s just made for more casual use and for the $150 price tag I think I’d rather have something more capable.

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