Arizer Vapes

Arizer is a Canadian maker of herbal vaporizers and aromatherapy devices.

They’ve been making respectable and popular weed vapes for more than a decade and continue improving their vape line-up in 2022.

Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo 2


The Solo 2 is one of the tastiest and easiest to use dry herb vaporizers available. The Arizer Solo and Solo 2 have been a top-rated portable vapes for many years because of their all-glass vapor path and great tasting vapor.

Why I Like: The Solo 2 is the perfect around-the-house portable herb vape. The glass stem system produces great vapor and you can clean it by making and drinking stem milk! At 12+ Bowls per charge, the Solo 2 is a tank!

Arizer Air 2

Arizer Air 2


The Air 2 packs the same great vapor and functionality as the Arizer Solo 2, but in a smaller package with a removable battery. The shorter stem makes the Arizer Air super easy to carry and conceal. See my 2016 Arizer Air review for history.

Why I Like: The Arizer Air and Air 2 are great starter vapes. These vaporizers will last a very long time and produce true-to-terpene flavor and thick vapor clouds.

Arizer XQ2

Extreme Q / Arizer XQ2


The Arizer desktop vaporizer can stay on for long periods of time at your desk or on your table.

The Arizer Extreme Q and XQ2 are capable of vaporizing larger amounts of dry herb per use and can utilize both whips and balloons!

What I like: This desktop vape is super affordable and packs a ton of value in a small footprint. The Arizer Extreme Q and XQ2 can blend in with your other household appliances, even warming essential oils and potpourri in the included dish!

Features: It whips, it bags, it bongs, it remotes – the Arizer EQ can do it all.

Arizer ArGo

Arizer Argo


The Arizer GO – or ArGo – is an ultra-small portable dry herb vape that packs the same great vapor as the Solo 2 and Arizer Air.

What I like: This vape is TINY! The top is spring-loaded to conceal the mouthpiece while the vape is in your pocket. The Argo features an all-glass vapor path and removable battery!

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