Flowerpot B1 Vaporizer- (The BALLEATER)

Cannabis Hardware recently took the plunge into the BALL VAPE scene with the release of their Baller Head. The addition of balls took the V-rod to the #1 position on the HARDEST HITTING VAPE LIST. The baller screen can also be used to convert the Flowerpot WeedEater into a ball-driven vape too – The B1 … Read more

Flowerpot Baller Head Upgrade from Cannabis Hardware

Video Chapters: 00:40 – This is my jobI review weed stuff01:49 – Brilliant Cut Sponsorship02:46 == Baseline B-Rod hit @ 711F05:00 – Removing balls from B-rod06:00 – Difference between balls / no balls07:00 == V-rod (no balls) hit @711F08:00 – Preheating Flowerpot Bowls09:50 – DC Elev8r intro11:00 – Elev8r Coil / PID Compatibility11:50 – Elev8r … Read more

VAPE SHELF TOUR: My 200+ Weed Vapes / E-Rigs

This video was deleted when Youtube deleted my channel. Re-uploaded to vimeo for archival purposes. It’s been a year and my collection has nearly doubled! New vape collection video is on my list. Desktop Vaporizers (1:50-5:00) Ditanium Vaporizer – The Ditanium is an enail and dry herb vaporizer combined. For $269 it’s a great value, … Read more

Getting High With Vapes – Flowerpot SPEEDBOWLS

In Episode 3 of Getting High With Vapes, I use the NewVape Flowerpot to get higher than giraffe balls. This video was deleted from youtube when they banned all of the weedtubers. This video was an impromptu session after a long grueling series of tests. I use the NewVape Flowerpot Showerhead. It’s an enail that … Read more