June 5, 2023 – Cannabis Hardware has launched two new desktop vapes, the F16 and F22 “ball heads”. The Flowerpot line of desktop vaporizers is one of the first ball vaporizers from a trusted and reputable company.

TWO new ball vape heads from Cannabis Hardware

The F22 and F16 ball vape heads join the Flowerpot lineup, adding a mid-tier value between the B-Zero and the B1/B2 Flowerpot vaporizers. 

Flowerpot Vaporizers are American made by Cannabis Hardware in Florida and are considered to be one of if not the best desktop vaping experience available.

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F-16 Flowerpot ball vape is made for injector bowls

F16 Injector Style

The F-16 Flowerpot is an injector head compatible with 18mm injector bowls and the titanium Shovelhead bowl. The F16 uses machined screens rather than mesh for the purest flavor.

Cost for just the vape head: $120

F22 Flowerpot diffuser ball vape is 100% titanium and ruby

F22 Diffuser Style

The F-22 Flowerpot is a diffuser style and is designed to be used with the titanium Shovelhead bowl. The F22 also uses machined holes and a floating screen rather than mesh screens.

The F22 head is $120

First Look Review Video & Demo Sesh

Injector vs Diffuser Explained

First off, anyone telling you that one is better than the other is wrong.

This is purely a matter of preference.

Injector Vapes are full convection, using only hot air to cook the herbs and create vapor. The vapor is a full, clean, and pure vapor that’s rich in terpenes. The high is often more clear and heady.

Diffuser Vapes have added conduction in addition to convection. This hybrid heating extracts better and more, producing a richer and more robust vapor. The high from the added conduction is typically more stoney and sedative.

I’ve gone back and forth with my preference on this and I mostly stick to injector vapes. I vape a lot during the day, medicinally, and prefer the cleaner more functional high. Diffuser vapes like the B2 and F22 often get me too stoned to be functional.

B2 Flowerpot pairs with the Shovelhead bowl

The B2 Flowerpot pairs perfectly with the Shovelhead bowl

Newer versions of the Shovelhead bowl are compatible with both injectors and diffuser Flowerpot heads. The F16 injectors fit and seal on the inside rim of the bowl while the F22 diffuser seats and seals over the outer edges. Older versions of this bowl may not work properly with the Injector vape heads.

The B1 and B2 can be built as an injector or as a diffuser and I’ve always preferred them both as a diffuser, despite the B-Zero injector being my favorite of the three.

Flowerpot B-Zero (B0) uses a glass injector bowl

The B-Zero (B0) Injector is frequently used with a glass bowl

My F16 injector does not properly fit any of my glass injector bowls. It fits and works great with the Shovelhead bowl, but not the standard glass injector bowl.

I believe this is an error in manufacturing and will be updated.

Machined Screens – Full Flavor or Floppy Fail?

The prior versions of Flowerpot vapes were the first to use mesh screens instead of machine-drilled holes. Some users complained that the flavor of the screen was adding too much vapor signature and wanted screen-free vape heads.

The F22 and F16 heads use a loose-fitting machine screen that simply drops into place and is held there by the balls that fill the head.

F16 Screen and 3mm ruby balls

The screen in my F16 didn’t fit super tight and is able to wiggle loose enough to dump balls if the head is not tightly filled with balls. 

This is a dangerous flaw and worthy of improvement. If these vapes are underfilled to any degree, the screen will have enough wiggle room to release balls.

F16 and F22 machined screens are free floating and not attached

F16 Injector vs B-Zero

The screenless F16 Injector is a mid-upgrade from the B-Zero in flavor and in flexibility – but with the current screen and injector joint issues, the win still goes to the B-Zero.

The vapor performance is very similar, probably even leaning towards the F16.

F22 vs B2 Diffuser

This is where the new Flowerpot head really sparkles. The F22 delivers a hit similar to the impact and flavor of the B2 but with better flavor, more airflow, and less money invested!

The F22 rips hard and tastes great!

I think it’ll be even better if they can improve the floating screen.

F22 Flowerpot vape head holes about 190 rubies

Refined Option that’s Budget Friendly

Overall I think these two new ball vape heads will fit in well with their Flowerpot siblings.

They’re budget-friendly and further refined than the B-Zero. 

I’ve spoken to many who *wanted* the B2 for the shovelhead heavy stone effects but opted for the B-Zero because they don’t dab. The F22 is the perfect solution for those people!

I’ll continue to test the F22 and F16. Information on this page will be updated as needed and the full Flowerpot buying guide will be updated with the final reviews.

Flowerpot vaporizers are available at Cannabis Hardware (use code TROYTIME) and Vgoodiez (use code TROYTIME5)