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Firefly 2 Combusting Weed

Every time I come across a problem, I assume others have experienced the same issue. The outpour of positive messages to my previous Firefly 2 articles motivated me to write another article to this series. Having used the Firefly 2 every day since it first launched it quickly became my favorite vape. Possibly the worst flaw about the FF2 is it either works perfectly 90% of the time, and the remaining 10% is spent wishing it would just work perfectly again.

My Firefly 2 went from producing perfect vape clouds to setting every bowl I pack into a charred disgusting ball of ember.

After replicating this issue half a dozen times I’ve finally figured out the cause or I should say, causes.

Don’t Use A Fine Grind 

The Firefly 2 vaporizer seems to work best when no grinder is used at all. At the time my bowls were combusting I was using a super fine grind. The super fine grind set into motion several events which caused my bowls to catch on fire. The fine grind would get sucked up from the bowl, and start clogging the mouthpiece. This prevented the hot air from flowing freely over the bowl and caused the weed to rapidly heat up.

Stir Often

The second mistake I was making was not stirring my bowl frequently enough! I was waiting way too long before stirring the bowl, thus the bowl was heating unevenly and eventually catching on fire. I found the best time to stir is after taking a puff having produced very little vapor, or every 3-5 pulls.

Clean! Clean! Clean! 

The final cause of my bowls turning into charcoal was not cleaning and brushing out the bowl often enough. As mentioned in a previous article, My Firefly 2 Won’t Hit the trick is to clean the FF2 after every handful of uses. Quickly wiping the bowl with an alcohol dipped q-tip should do the trick.

Don’t let your bowl get this filthy

Try to have your bowl look like this before each new session

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