This list of Mighty water pipe adapters last updated: January 15, 2018
Since the release of the original Mighty WPA video, a new and by-far-the-best bong adapter has been released for the Mighty.
It is available at Puffitup and it fits 14mm and 18mm female glass joints. This water pipe adapter holds the Mighty vaporizer VERY securely to the bong. There is no additional airflow restriction. This is the perfect WPA for taking giant bong rips with the Mighty vaporizer.
Available here.

Original Mighty WPA article and video below.
The Mighty vaporizer is the best portable weed vape on the market. It’s one of the few vapes I will NOT loan out to friends or family. Its vapor is fluffy and satisfying, it’s efficient and powerful yet gentle enough for noobs. It’s the best there is.

Hook it up to a bong, and now it’s a whole new ball game. Vapor bonging with the Mighty is fucking magical. In the video below, I took 17 HUGE rips from the Mighty through a bong (and 2 smaller rips). I didn’t include the footage of me turning into a lizard…

I demonstrated 5 different water pipe adapters for the Mighty. All but one of those will also fit the Crafty.

Here are the links to the 6 different WPA options.

  1. BEST MIGHTY WPA: glass 14/18 Mighty WPA
  2. Arizer EQ whip
  3. NewVape Mighty WPA
  4. Delta3dStudios simple WPA
  5. Ed’s TNT glass WPA
  6. Delta3dStudios Cooling Unit WPA

And of course, if you don’t already have a Mighty VaporizerGo get one

Video Transcription Below:

All right. What’s up guys? It’s Troy from 420 Vape Zone and today I’m going to show you five different ways to put the Mighty vaporizer through a bong. All right, so I got just some cheap Chinese glass here and of course, I’ve got my Mighty … The Mighty from Storz & Bickel if you’re not familiar with it already. It’s one of the best portables you can get. It’s a combination of convection and conduction and it’s an absolute beast. I’ll show you the oven here real close. It’s got a pretty small oven, but it really gets the job done. What I want to do is, I got a Phoenician grinder full of the fruity pebbles that I’ve been vaping for all weekend. This is pretty much the last of it, so I figure I’ll get it done.

The first one is the … This is actually the whip from the Arizer Extreme-Q. It comes with the Extreme-Q, but you can also purchase it for about 20 bucks. The way this water pipe adapter works is it just slides on over the mouthpiece stem like so, boom, real easy to do. It has a glass elbow that’s 18 millimeter male that will fit your glass pipe. Let’s go ahead and fire up the Mighty and I’ll show you how this one works. One thing I like to do with the Mighty is turn it on before I start loading it. That way it’s ready when it’s all … When it’s loaded, it’s finally ready. Gosh. All right, so I’ll show you a little closeup of my herb today. I’m going to load this guy up with just a pinch. With the Mighty you want to use a coarse grind and you don’t want to pack it too tight. Actually, you don’t really want to pack it at all if you want to maximize the convection that’s happening.

The Mighty performs pretty well no matter how you pack it, but it performs best with a coarse semi-loose grind and of course, that means less clean up as well. The finer grinds will give you some extreme flavor at first, tastes a little shittier towards the end and it will make a mess of your vape. I’m going to set the Mighty all the way to the top temperature, which is 410. The Mighty produces great vapor all the way down at like 350, but for the purpose of this, I’m going to hook it up to the bong, set it to 410 and just rip through bowls. At 410 the Mighty can plow through a bowl in like four or five hits, depending on how hard you hit it, especially through a water pipe. I’m not going to do one bowl for each water pipe adapter, because I would die. The Mighty’s already at 400, 410. Let’s go ahead and hit this thing. Cheers guys. Just fits in there nice and smooth, locks in.

Absolutely delicious. The vapor from the Mighty is so fluffy, it’s airy, and tasty, and just absolutely a wonderful experience. The Mighty produces some of the best vapor from any portable. It’s just an absolute pleasure to use. Oo, so yeah there’s the Arizer Extreme-Q whip adapter. This thing runs about 20 bucks. You can get them from I believe pretty much everybody will carry it as long as they carry Arizer products. Got to make sure my throat doesn’t dry up for this one. All right, so while this bowl is still going I’m going to remove the Arizer Extreme-Q whip and I’m going to put on another whip style adapter. This one’s from NewVape. This one works the same way, it goes on over the mouthpiece stem. This one’s a little bit harder to put on as the hose is a little more rigid, but it still goes on relatively easily. The first time I put it on was more difficult. Let’s see what we still have. The Mighty’s at 412. This is the NewVape Mighty water pipe adapter. Cheers.

It’s starting to get a little bit more toasty. The convection is definitely kicking in. That bowl is getting spent, I think its got about one more hit, so I’ll do one more hit through this and then we’ll reload it and move onto the next one. Cheers. See that one was definitely getting a little bit less cloudy. It still looks a little bit green in here, but it’s pretty much spent. I’m just going to dump this here and I’ll show you guys a closeup of it after. I’ll zoom in and add the footage in. All right, so there is the NewVape water pipe adapter. This guy runs you about 30 bucks. I do like that it’s metal and it makes a really nice seat in this bong and, as well as, other bongs. It’ll fit a 14 millimeter male and an 18 millimeter male. Whereas, the one from the Arizer Extreme-Q is only 18 millimeter. It also makes a great seat. I do worry a little bit about the glass elbow, I’ve broken them a few times, especially because I’m kind of careless.

The next water pipe adapter for the Mighty is this guy right here. This is a stopper style. This will fit the Mighty, as well as, the Crafty. This is from Delta 3D Studios. Delta 3D Studios has a few options like this, these stopper styles that will actually fit a lot of different vapes. Let’s go ahead and load up another bowl with the Mighty, because I clearly need it. I’ll show the loading process here. My little forceps that came with my 7th Floor Sidekick, the vape that everybody hates except for me. All right, just trying to keep the Mighty warm. I’m just going to leave that grinder open. Actually, we can put a little more in there. Let’s top it off, shall we? Hope you guys are topping off your bowl with me. All right, so what’s cool about the stopper style is you can control the closing while holding the vape. Some people feel more comfortable holding the vape, versus, letting it dangle. I’ve almost broken this bong actually just the other night with the whip adapter. I pulled the vape and it was connected to the bong and almost had trouble.

Anyway, the Mighty’s at 416, even though it’s set to 410. We got the Delta 3D Studios stopper style water pipe adapter. Cheers guys. Wow, absolutely delicious, absolutely delicious. If you’re into strain tasting, you should definitely be hitting a Mighty or a Crafty or a Firefly, some of the tastiest vapes out there, or Boundless CFV, really tasty. I absolutely love, love hitting this vaporizer through a water pipe. You can take really, really big hits with the Mighty through a water pipe. Actually, you can take really big hits with the Mighty anyway, but with a water pipe you can really, really crank on it. Like I said, you can polish off its little bowl in about four hits, maybe five, usually five. Four if you’re being super aggressive Iron Man lungs.
It’s pretty tan, pretty tan all righty. I’d say with a little stir you can probably get one more good tasty hit out of that. Don’t get me wrong, you could actually vape on this little bowl with your mouth for probably four or five more hits, but they’re all going to be wispy and dead. Cranking this thing all the way up full of battery charge through a bong, all that convection just really, really vapes your material quickly. This is the best way to get really high, really fast from a vape. This isn’t the only vape that will do things like this, but it’s one of the few portables that will. I’m going to go ahead and cash that guy out. That was the Delta 3D Studios stopper style water pipe adapter. I’m going to load up another bowl real quick and show you the next option.

This is usually the technique I use when I load the Mighty, I do this … Let me show you, get the closeup. I do a pinch and I don’t squeeze it too hard, just enough to kind of hold it together. Then I set it into the bowl, so it kind of still forms in a pinch and then I just push down … Sorry, push down where I was pinching and it just opens all right back up and makes a nice fluffy bowl. All right, so the next water pipe adapter you need to remove the mouthpiece stem. This guy is from Ed’s TnT and this is glass, it’s all glass, has a silicon kind of tubing on it. I’ll show you a closeup here, going to get some focus. All right, so it has like a silicon tubing around it just as a sealant. This just pushes right in where the stem was. It’s a little awkward I would say. I don’t leave it like this, or at least I don’t intentionally leave it like this, but it still works. It actually has a really nice feel. This one here is 14 millimeter, because I usually use it downstairs on my oil rig. Right now, I’m just going to use this 14, 18, it’s actually a Boundless water pipe adapter, but it works perfect for this. Cheers guys.
This is the Ed’s TnT glass water pipe adapter for the Mighty. He makes it in 18 millimeter as well. This one is a little bit more restricted than the other ones. It’s not really detrimental, it’s not a problem, but it is just a tiny little bit more restrictive than the other options. I can’t get quite the huge hit on this one that I can with the whip adapters and the Delta 3D adapters. Did it turn off? It turned off. That was only at 320. All right, so now we’re up to 415. Let’s see if we can finish off this bowl in style. Tastes real good. Get you a little closeup action. I think its got one more hit in it maybe. Mighty’s getting hot. Oo, yeah that was really tasty, damn. Mighty’s getting quite warm, but that last hit was really good. I think there’s still another hit or two in here. Fruity pebbles. Man, Mighty is so hot. Oh, yeah, pretty tasty. I could probably keep going on this. If I was sitting downstairs on the coach right now, I would keep going on this. For the next water pipe adapter, I want to use a fresh bowl.

This is the Ed’s TnT glass water pipe adapter in 14 millimeter glass. I should get the 18 millimeter. All right, the last water pipe adapter is from Delta 3D Studios as well and it replaces the top half of the cooling unit. Always make sure you pull this tab down and I always just leave the vase of the cooling unit on the Mighty, that way I can just kind of wiggle it a little bit and get it off. You can see the inside there, it’s not too dirty right now. All right, and this guy, oo Jesus, phew. This guy right here, Delta 3D Studios the cooling unit version of the water pipe adapter for the Mighty. It just kind of slips on over like that. It’s kind of weird, ding. It’s soft and squishy. I like this one because I can just throw it in my pocket and carry the Mighty like normal, or just throw it in my backpack, my man bag, whatever you want to call it. Doesn’t get broken by my laptop. It fits 18 and 14. Did I load the bowl? Oh, I didn’t load the bowl. That would have been an unfortunate waste of inhalation. All right, so a little harder to pinch right now. We’re going to go up here, boom, little messy.

I’ve been watching Bob Ross painting at night. It’s actually really awesome getting baked and watching Bob Ross paint. It’s very interesting. It’s one of those interesting things to watch while lifted. Then I always imagine myself as a painter, but I’m not. All right, so this is the Delta 3D Studios cooling unit version of the water pipe adapter. I think this one’s like 24 dollars. Cheers guys, fruity pebbles. Fuck, it’s off. All right, so it turned off again because I was babbling. Apparently I was in babble mode, I apologize. Temperature’s at 360 degrees right now. Whoop, geez. All right, get it together. All right. Temperature’s at 413 degrees. Does a pretty good job of balancing there. I wish it would be a little more rigid, I don’t want this tipping over and as you can see, it’s a little wobbly at times. Mighty’s at 415, cheers. Oh yeah. That was a pretty big hit, woo. Got to get that recovery breath in. Yeah. Wait, I need my monitors on. All right, cheers.

It really seems that the cooling unit version is able to get the biggest hit, like huge hits. I don’t know if you can hear it or not, but it’s actually making like a little fart noise as I rip through it because it’s grasping for air. I think with this, with the whole girth of this portion of the water pipe adapter is so much bigger than any other air path from the other water pipe adapters. Since it takes advantage of the whole opening here and here, you’re able to just pull a lot of convection through with this water pipe adapter. It just really, really cranks. I mean, I don’t know if it’s visible here, I hope it is, but me comparing them it’s so obvious that this one you’re able to get huge, huge rips. Wow, you can really hit it deep and it’s a really dense vapor, it’s nice. It has an impact, it has an impact, I’m not going to lie. I need to wrap it up before all of those things, boom. All right.

There it is, five water pipe adapters for the Mighty vaporizer. They’re all awesome, but this one right here, the cooling unit version is my favorite. When I go downstairs at night I use the NewVape version. I really like the way the metal clinks in. I like that it has a snap. It goes in and it locks in and the hose is a little more rigid, it doesn’t kink as easily as the Arizer Extreme-Q whip and sometimes I worry about the glass. I’m not so much worried about the metal. However, the black hose does kind of have a weird smell to it. If you pull air through it without any vaporizers hooked up, you can taste it a little bit, but it’s been wearing off and I’ve only had this for maybe four days. Maybe a rinse would clear it up. There they are, five water pipe adapters for the Mighty vaporizer. Thanks for watching. Hit subscribe if you got high with me. Yeah, hit subscribe too.