What’s up guys? It’s Troy from 420 Vape Zone. Just got this package in the mail from newvape. Newvape makes all kinds of vaporizer accessories and shit like that, so I went ahead and placed an order for a few things that I want to review and I figure I’ll show them to you first. Let’s go ahead and start getting this shit out of the box. All right, so the first thing we got, first thing we got, this is a Mighty Whip Water Pipe Adapter that I need … Sorry, let me grab a knife to get this thing open. Woo, that’s sharp. This guy, this is basically a whip with an 18 and a 14 male adapter on the end, so I can hook the Mighty up to a bong. Let’s go ahead and christen this right now. It doesn’t smell funny. Actually, it does kind of smell funny. Fuck yeah, let’s get this thing fired up. I got the Mighty right here. I got Phoenician grinder with some weed in it. I’m reviewing the Phoenician grinder right now. Cliff’s Notes, it’s fucking awesome.

Going to go ahead and load up the Mighty with a little bit of fruity pebbles that I’ve been vaping on all weekend. This water pipe adapter, the hose portion of this water pipe adapter simply slips on over the mouthpiece stem like this I believe. It’s a little more difficult to do than I thought it was going to be. I’ve also used the Arizer Extreme-Q whip as a water pipe adapter for the Mighty and that works pretty well too, but I want to have all the options just so I can compare. I know when I’m doing the reviews I don’t like having all the perspectives. Hold the fuck up, clarification needed. I like having all of the perspectives. I want to understand all of the perspectives. I strive to make sure I see things from all perspectives. That’s why I’m fucking OCD. That’s why my reviews take forever. I want to be able to experience the products and all their competitors just so I know which one is the best value for everyone.

Let me see if we can get this box out of the way. We’ll get more stuff out of there in a minute. This water pipe adapter, we got the Mighty going now, it’s up to 270 already. I’ve been using the Pax 3 as a dab rig all weekend as well. The Mighty through a water pipe is a lot of fun. I’m working on a video right now actually that goes through all the different ways to connect your Mighty to a water pipe, which is why I bought this so I can compare it to all the other options. Right now the Mighty’s at 350, which is about where it starts producing really nice flavor, not a lot of vapor, but really good flavor at 350. Cheers guys. Ah man, that’s absolutely delicious. Fruity pebbles at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, fuck yeah. Now the Mighty’s already up to 375. Just to show you real quick what the Mighty can do through a bong. It only goes to 410, but it still, at 410, I can churn through this bowl pretty quickly. Plus, I want to demo this thing and show you that it works. One hit isn’t enough to show you that it works, right?

I really like the way it fits in there, it seats really nice. Wow, Mighty through a water pipe. The Mighty dropped by 15 degrees. All right, so I’m going to move on, see what else is in this box before I get too baked because the Mighty through a bong will do it every single time. I don’t need the knife yet. Slow down, Troy, slow down. All right, let me get my shit straightened up here. Next thing we’ve got in the box. Oh, man. Is this new vape grinder. This thing is heavy. I can’t believe how heavy this thing is. This is the NewVape made in the USA sticker on there, so you can … It’s a two-piece grinder, NewVape Fine Grind top shelf. See that bad boy. I’ll do a full review of this soon and I’m not going to demo this right now, because I don’t have the need to grind any weed. Let’s grab the other one. I got both of them, the other one is the same thing but for coarse. So many bubbles. Oh, this ones black.

It’s really heavy, it’s like a size of a hockey puck that would really hurt if you were to take this in the face. Magnets are super strong. Really smooth, I like that I can actually make it go around multiple times, it’s so smooth. Nice, I’m really excited to review these. All right, let’s see what else we have in the box. All right, so this is the NewVape Pax Water Pipe Adapter. This is why I actually placed the order. Oh, wow. I’m not sure what the material is. I looked it up on their website and their material, it used to be like aluminium and now it’s something different. It even comes with a little Allen wrench so you can take the thing apart in case it gets dirty and you want to clean it. I’m excited for this. Oo, it’s so nice and rigid. Ah, man. Does it clip in further? Oh, it does. Oh, there’s even a button. That’s brilliant. There’s a button inside to turn your Pax on and off while it’s still in the water pipe adapter. That’s fucking smart. Holy shit.
Now my Pax is on. Well, my Pax turned on when I was sticking it into the water pipe adapter. I don’t know, might as well do a dab in the Pax 3 dab rig that’s out, set up right now. See if I can find a dabber. There we go. See if I can find some wax. All right, I’m just going to do a quick little dab on this Pax 3. I don’t know why I’m talking this way. Oh, let me make sure it’s nice and hot. Oh, wait. I can double up. Let me find one more thing here. I got the LolliCap, it’s a little carb cap and a dabber. This little guy, it’s a metal carb cap and a dab tool in one. I thought it looks pretty cool, so I figured I’ll get it. Mostly for this, because I’m tired of using the oven cap as the carb cap and it helps to keep it covered so it stays hot. I figured it would come in pretty handy for using the Pax as a dab rig. Cheers guys. Oo, it’s a big dab. That’s a really weak dab, what happened? What happened? Is the Pax in a different heat zone? It’s all oily in there. Pardon me, we’re having technical difficulties.

All right, I’m going to grab one of these little pipe cleaners and get this guy, get him all swooped out. That’s probably what happened, it had a lot of residual oil in there. It wasn’t cleaned out recently. I was doing a dab session a couple of hours ago in the bathtub and now it’s all fucking messy. I’m also going to make sure it’s in the right … Oh, there we go. The Pax 3 was in temperature change mode and I didn’t realize it, because I pushed down too far. Because the water pipe adapter has a button inside and I pushed it all the way down apparently, so it was in temperature change mode. My bad, what a waste of a dab. That sucks. This is nice stuff too, this is twisted lemonade from, what the fuck? The Grizzly Extracts. I bought it because it was cheap and I figured it would be kind of shitty, but it actually tastes really good and has a really nice terp flavor to it.

All right, so let’s try this again. Newvape.com water pipe adapter in the Pax 3 doing dabs. Cheers guys. Very nice, this works a lot better than the cap, because look how sticky my cap is. I mean, fucking magic right there. It’s really stuck. This is going to be stuck here forever. [inaudible 00:13:16] can see that. Looks gross. All right, see if I can just turn this off now. Oh, perfect. I just turned the Pax off, it’s still secure on the water pipe adapter. I’m loving this water pipe adapter already, kick ass. All right, let’s see what else is in the box after I put my wax away here. My finger’s all sticky. I always keep these handy too, these 420 wipes from 420 Science, these things are awesome. I did find there’s some similar product on Amazon that’s cheaper. You get 300 of this other brand of alcohol wipes for about the same, actually it’s less money and you get more with the other brand. Oh God am I?

Let me say that again. I did find another brand of alcohol wipes on Amazon where you get three times the amount of wipes for actually two bucks cheaper, so I’ll throw a link down on the description for those of who want them. Let’s see what else we have in the box. The LolliCap also in there, I like that a lot. That’s going to work really well for dabbing on the Pax. Oh, this is cool. This is the Pax Pusher with the combination vented lid for the Pax. The vented lid in itself, I guess this can be removed, and I’ll give you guys … I’ll throw some closeups on the screen, but the Pax Pusher is kind of similar to the Half Pack Lid that came with the Pax 3. With the Pax Pusher you can adjust it, so you can make it a 1/4 of a bowl or a 3/4’s of a bowl. In addition to that, the vent itself actually has … Did I say the vent itself? The oven lid itself is vented, so it will allow more air into the bowl. I think this, oh maybe not. I thought the screw came out so it wouldn’t go into the weed. Let’s see how it fits here. My screens just went off and got me all woo.

All right. This might be a bitch getting the … If it’s still hot, this oven lid isn’t too bad to get out. Yeah, I was actually trying to remove the concentrate oven from the Pax 3, not the oven lid. I was all frazzled because I was confused. The product that I thought I was buying, I thought could be just the stand alone vented lid, as well as, the Pax Pusher. This one has the screw permanently attached. There’s also a vented oven lid that’s not for the Pax Pusher and I will be buying that because I want to use that. If it’s still hot. Yeah, it’s still pretty hot. What I do is I pry it up, tilt it one way and then pull back on it from the inside and then it pops right out. Yeah, that’s pretty goopy. Where’s my little tray? Little silicon mat I’m going to drop that in just so it doesn’t stick to everything. Oh yeah, that oven is a mess.

The vented oven lid there snaps in and it doesn’t rock out as evenly, as easily … Doesn’t rock out and pivot out the way that the normal oven lid does, so it has this kind of nub on there to pull it out with your nail. You have the vented oven lid with the Pax Pusher combo. They may sell this separately as just a vented oven lid, which is kind of what I thought I was buying, but I was pretty high when I ordered, so cut me some slack. All right, so we got the … There’s another little screw. I’m very confused by this right now. I’m going to have to figure this out and then I’ll do a separate little review on that. Then I also got this little NewVape loading tool. I saw this in the Vape Critics videos and I thought it looked pretty sweet.

I can load the Pax 3 here, see how it works that way we get some authentic reaction. Little scooper’s kind of smaller than what I thought, but it does seem … I think this would work really well for fine grind, but this weed here is coarse grind and it’s pretty much fucking useless with coarse grind. I can see how it would be used for tamping down the Pax, but my finger works pretty well too. I guess for fine grind this might work pretty well. I got it too close to my face and I fucking blew weed out of it all over the place. Yeah, so I guess it’s okay. I mean, I don’t mind using my fingers for weed, but this little scooper is probably good for little precision works like loading the Grasshopper, loading the Pax if you don’t want to make a mess, or if you don’t want to use one of the funnels.
Oh, damn. This is a brand new sheet of foam board and I just stuck a oily oven lid to it. My wife’s going to be mad. All right, also in the box were a couple of stickers. I got this one that’s errl press solventless extraction, errlpress.com, errl with two R’s, errl. Then we got a newvape.com sticker, awesome. My goal was to eventually to have stickers everywhere, but I haven’t figured out how to do it yet with all backdrop white foam board thing. Yeah, overall I’m really happy with the stuff I bought from newvape.com and I’m excited to review it. Thanks for watching me check it out. Subscribe if you like this kind of shit and hope you guys got high with me.